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Reviews are now open for submissions.
Schlock! Webzine also provides reviews of relevant indie or mainstream books, which are published alongside the stories and serials. We currently have two reviewers, Stephen Hernandez and John C Adams, who are just itching to get reviewing your work. Please contact to arrange reviews, or if you would like to offer your services as a reviewer. Below are a few points to bear in mind.
  1. Schlock! Webzine does not review erotica or any material which contains underage sex or gratuitous violence;
  2. If we don't take to your work, Schlock! won't post a review of it. We write positive reviews designed to encourage readers to buy books we ourselves have enjoyed; reviewing is at the end of the day in part a question of personal taste but most authors prefer no review to a bad one;
  3. Like any publication, Schlock! webzine reviewers have a large number of books waiting to be reviewed at any time and cannot guarantee a review within any particular time period, so please be patient;
  4. Authors can email a PDF or opt to send a print review copy. You can also email the cover pic and a headshot of you, with a short bio. These will be included with your review together with the link to your website and Amazon page.

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