Award winning Schlock! Webzine with award winning editor Gavin Chappell at the helm explores uncharted territory this month. Not only are we entering new(ish) ground with print and eBook editions, Schlock is now a monthly, rather than a weekly, zine.
This month a sorcerer summons demons only to find out the disturbing truth of reality. Special Branch investigates the alien invasion down Picklock Lane. An act of generosity has unforeseen consequences. Tomaszek’s life is subject to the shocking and brutal whims of his creator. And a vicious gang receives an even more vicious comeuppance.
Team Girl returns for another Dreamlands adventure. We also see the return of Kassi, in the first instalment of a serial. And another serial begins this month, featuring The Challenger, Flora and Fauna, who are now going underground....
Gavin Chappell

Now available from Rogue Planet Press—Lovecraftiana Candlemas 2020

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