This month we have our usual medley of tales and verse, art and reviews. A toad boy goes on a killing spree. Fatty Millstone tells tales to children, but does not neglect his duties as sheriff. A struggling comedian fast tracks himself to fame. Greg’s new aid to writing stirs up some memories best left forgotten. And besieged Leningrad becomes the scene of the sating of strange appetites.

An alien anthropologist takes a trip to the public library. An interplanetary saleswoman makes a coup with a new species--and a faux pas. A policeman finds sinister relics in the barn. Wilma gets to know a strange little girl. A Worker learns the truth about how the hive is run. And staying on the insect theme, Pavel has trouble with an infestation of ants. Big ants. And Utzul strikes fire from the rock.

More news from the publishing world rounds off this issue, not forgetting, of course, a strange little flash from Christopher T Dabrowski.

Gavin Chappell 

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