This week, Hell turns out to be quite a different place. On the beach, one man's fortunes sink to their lowest nadir. John C Adams reviews a tale of seasonal chills. An account of brotherly rivalry conceals a tragic twist. Norbert Gora shares two ultra-short stories of the weird and horrific. And Kevin O'Brien relates the first of several sagas set in HP Lovecraft's Dreamlands.
Meanwhile, Lowell continues to investigate witchcraft. And Polaris struggles against Prince Helicon.
—Gavin Chappell


PS: If you’re looking for a suitably ghoulish present for your nearest and dearest this Christmas, look no further than Schlock! Publications. Our latest offering is a book length collection of Vincent Davis’ hilariously horrifying It Came From Inside the Inkwell! comic that has been appearing in Schlock! this year. Available from the link below:


Now available from Schlock! Publications: It Came from Inside the Inkwell! by Vincent Davis

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