This month we have a whole witches' brew of sinister stories. In Eternally Dedicated, an employer has a quiet word with an employee who really needs to move on. Down on Picklock Lane, it's Official Portrait Day. Matlock Evans learns why It's Not A Wonderful Life. A couple of Good Ol' Boys raise hell when the bikers come to town. In The Tomb, a shadow dissolves. The obesity epidemic reaches its nadir with the birth of the Food Babies. 

In Silly Jerry, a werewolf stops running with the pack. In Enter Cell, John Striker awakes in a hotel room with no knowledge of who he is. In a nameless Middle Eastern country, McCready flees The Encroaching Sand. Favian encounters the Optimal Reality. John's experiments with the golem wreak havoc at Aberystwyth post office. The Gravelock begins the summoning. There's trouble on the planet Kolasi, in the first of a new two-parter. Rosy Patel encounters The Perfect Haunting. And Mark is Abducted by UFO.

PS: If you dare to witness the horrific sight of your ’umble editor discussing Lovecraft, horror, Sinbad, Claymation and much more, log onto Tim Mendees’ After Hours series at this link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CLPyeEf1WaQ&t=20s Trigger warning: George RR Martin fans may be offended. You have been warned.

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