This month we have sad news. Steve Laker, a regular contributor to the zine in days gone by, passed away on 27th March.

We have more eerie poetry from Louis Kasatkin, and another trip down Picklock Lane from the inimitable E. W. Farnsworth. Ambitious Duke Onoth’s rustic enemies are not all they seem in Quackers by Joseph Farley. Declan tries to rescue his boyfriend from Gloom in George Aitch’s story. Kassi and her companions reach a strangely deserted village in a new sword and sorcery offering from Ste Whitehouse. An outcast from society discovers his true, shocking identity in a tale from Douglas Kolacki. John C Adams reviews a classic. And John Stadelman gives the reader a disturbing insight into a future dystopia.

We begin a new vampire serial from Francis-Marie de Châtillon, set in Florence. The Challenger and his two fellow adventurers continue their exploits under the mountains in Jesse Zimmerman’s ongoing comic fantasy epic. And an outraged father sets out in search of Revenge in Christopher T Dabrowski’s drabble.

Gavin Chappell

Also available in ebook and magazine formats.

Now available from Rogue Planet Press—Lovecraftiana Walpurgisnacht 2020

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