In this edition begins Volume 13 of Schlock! Webzine—lucky for some! —with the first part of a Sir Parnassus Mang steampunk story by MS Swift, whose hero also appears in one of the tales in the new Rogue Planet Press anthology, Steam Powered Dream Engines. Following this is an ultra-violent mini-epic from Josef Desade, and a vignette of graveyard horror from GK Murphy. John C Adams reviews the new (posthumous) John Wyndham novel Plan for Chaos.
There’s murder at the manor in Sherlock Holmes and the Beast-Men of Atlantis this week, but just how far will Holmes and Watson journey in their quest to uncover the killer? Meanwhile Emily hears a whispering, and Carter Ward encounters Kharl Stoff. On Mars, our space traveller is fur-hunting, but on Earth, the human fugitives remain imprisoned in the ruined house.
—Gavin Chappell

Available from Rogue Planet Press: the Candlemas 2018 edition of Lovecraftiana—the Magazine of Eldritch Horror.

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