This month we begin with more news from the wacky world of publishing, provided by your indefatigable reporter, Mickey Mikkelson. That's followed by a tale of worms and other weirdness from Michael Frith. Down Picklock Lane, the pseudopods are twitching in EW Farnsworth's Octopus' Garden—and a bit more publishing news: EW Farnsworth's first collected edition of the Picklock Lane stories is on the cards! It's the season to be tricksy, and Ed Ahern gets into the party spirit with some Tricky Treats. 

Doctor Gossamer learns the truth about The Eternal Dream. Sandro D Fossemò tells us of The Votive Candle. Carlton Herzog welcomes us to hell. John experiences a glitch in his brain mimic equipment. Time dilation causes friction in Emi's relationship with her daughter. A man seeks dissolution in an almost deathless future. Aliens encounter problems of scale on a mysterious uncharted planet. A prediction machine gives a warning of a terrible future—but even if it can, should it be changed? And we conclude our sf two-parter, Michael Dority's 'Peril of the Lamperosa'. A group of knightesses  meet trouble in a desert country. And Christopher T Dabrowski brings the entire edition to a Rapid End.



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