Just when you think it’s safe to go back onto the internet, we’re celebrating ten years of pure, unmitigated Schlock!

Ten years ago it was, in those halcyon days when lockdowns were something you got in zombie apocalypse films, with a full moon rising over the battlements, that your ’umble editor first attached the electrodes to that inert lump of flesh that was this unborn webzine, sending horrific life racing through its carcase. Ten years of pure horror, inexorable fantasy and unadulterated science fiction ensued. 

In celebration of this sinister anniversary, we are presenting stories from authors old and new. We begin with a tale from James Rhodes, whose short story ‘The Bombastic Prince’ was the opener for the first edition, and who has contributed numerous stories, serials, novels and at least one epic poem over the last decade. Next comes the indefatigable EW Farnsworth with another instalment in his Picklock Lane saga. That’s followed by a new fantasy from Dave Ludford, who has been a frequent contributor for some years. Our next author is the man for whom the word ‘prolific’ was invented, who kept Schlock going for several years with his visceral output—not for those of a squeamish disposition! Our next contributor, Konstantine Paradias, is the author of Sorry, Wrong Country, Futuresuck, and several other books, has contributed to numerous anthologies, videogames and screenplays, has been nominated for a Pushcart Prize, and nevertheless has found the time to appear on and off in Schlock since 2013. Carlton Herzog is a relative newcomer, but has begun to rival Gary Murphy with his inexhaustible contributions. Robbie Porter has previously penned two spooky stories for Schlock, and now shares an eerie tale with ‘shades’ of the Master, MR James. 

Following these stories we feature three new voices: Brian Keith Day, with a tale of oil and terror, is followed by serial killer horror from Tyler Davis, and a story of cryogenics and gene manipulation from Tris Matthews, all of whom appear in Schlock! for the first time. We have another dip into the ocean of publishing news from Mickey Mikkelson, and the whole anniversary issue is rounded off by another strange little vignette from Christopher T Dabrowski.
I’d like to finish with a big thank you to everyone else who has made Schlock what it is, including James Talbot, who provided the zine’s first unsolicited submission, Gav Roachdown, Paul Mellino, Chris Priest Brumley, (who designed the logo), Todd Nelsen, Obsidian M Tesla, John L Campbell, Cameron Walker, Nathan JDL Rowark, Joseph Rubas, Gregory KH Bryant, RM Duchene, Rob Bliss, Stephen Hernandez, Birke Duncan, Rick McQuiston, Ian Fletcher, Kevin Rees, Zahid Zaman, Paul Lubaczewski, Ste Whitehouse, Mark Slade, Mathias Jansson, Christopher A Lay, Douglas Draa, Steve Laker, Joseph J Patchen, MS Swift, Kieran Judge, David B Harrington, Neal Privett, John C Adams, Colt Leasure, Ellis Hastings, Julie Dollar, Sandro D Fossemò, Sergio Palumbo, Michele Dutcher, Garret Schuelke, Josef Desade, Chris Friend, Chuck Borgia, Michael Lizarraga, Omar ZahZah, Pete Clark, Alana Schwartz, Walter G Esselman, Benjamin Welton, Joseph Farley, Jeremiah Christopher, Kevin L Jones, Ken L Jones, Seamus Esparza, Hollis Whitlock, Matt Hayward, Jason Osmond, ES Wynn, Thaddeus J Applebee, Merita King, Phoebe LaPlume, Zak Dawson, Dawn Napier, Robyn Singer Rose, Samantha Stevens-Clay, Harris Coverley, Louis Kasatkin, Erik Hofstatter, and Vincent Davis. Apologies to all those legions of authors I’ve no doubt left off the list.

It’s been great fun. Here’s to the next decade!
—Gavin Chappell

Also available in ebook and magazine formats.

Now available from Rogue Planet Press—Lovecraftiana Candlemas 2021

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