In this month's edition, we have a tale of teleportation and trickery, followed by a return to Picklock lane and the alien invasion. A self-professed teenage cannibal gathers a horde of thugs to storm city hall. Tia defends herself against attackers. The Wendigo's lover wades in gore. Lyca is lost on an alien planet. Kimmel's ghost haunts Giddens. Hollis encounters devils in Tasmania. And Logan takes a trip of Boleskine House.
Team Girl meet a Dreamer of long standing. We take a quick trip to Blackacre in a sneak preview of John C Adams' new novel. The Florentine Vampire lays down the law of love. The Challenger, Flora and Fauna reach the end of their adventures. And there's a massacre brewing out there.
Gavin Chappell

Also available in ebook and magazine formats.

Now available from Rogue Planet Press—Lovecraftiana Walpurgisnacht 2020

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