THIS MONTH’S EDITION begins with another gripping instalment of A Prequel with the Challenger, followed by our usual round-up of news from the publishing world. Next, a man makes a Faustian pact with God. Fatty Millstone has a heart-to-heart with the reporter Crenshaw. That's followed by a brutal tale of revenge. Cops investigate the paranormal. A thief fights his way through a sorcerer's tower. And a reality TV start meets a gory comeuppance.

A group of people explore a haunted tunnel. A man returns to a house where his brother drowned. Space travellers run into a communications problem. We hear the shocking story of a medieval manuscript. Voices from the past are put up on sale. A farmer directs a girl across a bizarre landscape. Love is unlimited in an android future. And we review Scott Oden's Conan story, The Shadow of Vengeance.

—Gavin Chappell

Also available in ebook and magazine formats. The e-edition is free from Amazon for the first five days of the month.

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Now available from Rogue Planet Press—Lovecraftiana Vol 8, Issue 4, Candlemas 2024


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