In this month’s edition we continue our novella Forbidden Sciences with Orel still accompanying the travellers into peril. Publishing News follows, with a roundup of new books, including a continuation of Jack Vance’s Demon Princes series. Something singular is going on, down Picklock Lane. A man is visited by two very strange chainsaw salesman. We follow the career of a harlot and witch. Memories play tricks. The future grows grim. A lost well in Wales is the venue for a strange timeslip. A trip to an occult bookshop results in some very odd goings-on. 

Dave learns that not all dangerous robots are bad. Kassi is all at sea in the Pipe World. A prisoner tries to escape her abuser. In a religious dictatorship of the near future Anselm Tarpett struggles to escape from gun-toting nuns. Ant looks for glow-worms in the Mid-West but finds more than he’s bargained for. In the Old North, two Mounties find dark terrors. A new virus creates a world of strange visions. And we conclude with a new feature, reviews of books from the burgeoning New Edge of Sword and Sorcery. 

—Gavin Chappell


Also available in ebook and magazine formats.

Now available from Rogue Planet Press—Lovecraftiana Vol 7, Issue 2, Lammas Eve 2022

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