GRIMOIRE OF SILVER by Alexis Ogunmokun 

Grimoire of Silver

The Silver Witch 
Wrote so many spells
In every page

Of a spellbook
Dubbed the Grimoire of Silver
Published and sold in every occult bookstore

All of the spells 
Are on the scale of beginner level to expert level
In standard form

She created this spellbook
For young magic users 
In hopes they understand

How the spells work
And why magic should not 
Be used for personal reasons

Or meddling reasons
She also added warning labels 
To certain spells that are considered dangerous

The Dark Rain

The Dark Rain
An anthology 
Of spells

Of lyrics
Of poems
Of songs

Of recipes
Of short stories
Of playwrights

Of potion recipes
Of diary and/or journal entries
Of various forms of artwork

Written and submitted
By living or deceased magic users 
In the 1900’s to the early 2000’s
Yet sold millions of copies 
In 2002
And created 29 volumes

With different magic users 
From old and new generations
To entertain the young readers 

Who are into the world 
Of magic 
Not knowing the price 

Temporal-Space and Reality

A grimoire on time
Space and reality
Created by the universe

Or God
Who turned out to
Be one in the same 

A grimoire written 
By the archangels 
And the additional

And demigods

Is called Temporal-Space and Reality
More spells were added to the grimoire 
Containing all the knowledge of the universe

By immortals and time travellers 
Sold in various occult bookstores
Yet this spellbook is kept a secret 

Due to the forbidden spells 
That can create a rift 
In the universe

Fracturing the fabric of reality
In the time-space continuum
And alter the course of history.

Now available from Schlock! Publications.

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