Part Six
“HEY, GARETH!” Oliver said, gently pushing his shoulder. Veronica was talking to the two girls who saw what happened.
Gareth woke up, startled. “I’m cool, I’m cool!” he turned over and sat up. “Where’s Dia?”
“These two said that Dia knocked you out with that brick,” Veronica said, pointing to the damaged brick that was covered in Gareth’s blood.
“Wait, what?!” Gareth scrambled to his feet, “I know she was mad, but she wouldn’t do that!”
“SHE DID!” one of the college girls screamed. “THEN SHE AND THIS WOMAN TURNED INTO MIST!”
“I’m pretty sure they’re on drugs,” Veronica whispered.
Gareth ran past her and got into the college girls faces. “Mist?!” he asked, eyes wide. “Was the woman wearing a leather suit?”
The college girls nodded.
“What else did she have?”
“She had red hair,” the other college girl said.
Gareth clenched his fist and growled.
“Dude, are you all right?” Oliver asked.
“I gotta go—I think I know where she went.” Gareth said, running off.
“WAIT, GARETH!” Oliver yelled.
They got her, Gareth thought as he ran behind the building. He transformed and put on his mask. Maybe Ruthven’s with them.
Godan got onto College Drive and ran as fast as he could off the campus. He dodged cars and blazed through red lights as he headed towards the house.
“Well, the bitch deserved it!” Josie said, cracking her knuckles. “Do you realize how annoying she could get whenever she claimed she was most similar to our Master?”
“Technically, we’re all copies of him,” the other vampire assassin, who also wore a skin-tight leather suit and have pitched black hair, calmly explained, “but none of us are perfect.”
Josie rolled her eyes. “Oh, what the fuck ever, Elena. “ She held up a finger—the tip instantly spouting a small flame. “I’ve reached a new level that neither of you could even dream of!”
“HEY! You two morons can argue who’s better later!” Dia yelled. “He’s going to come after me—we got to get prepared.”
“No shit,” Josie turned put her hands on her hips and turned around. “He’s already here!”
Godan appeared in the field at the front of the house. He looked around, frantically. Josie whistled. “Over here, doggy!”
Godan saw Dia, Josie, and Elena standing in the back near the barn, illuminated by the overhead light. Josie waved at him, smiling.
“DIA!” Godan ran over and stopped in front of them. “YOU OKAY?!”
Josie hummed, looking over Dia. “Looks fine to me.”
Godan glared at her “You’re the one who kidnapped Dia!’ he yelled, getting into a battle stance.
Josie laughed. “It’s so cute that he actually thinks that,” she said, nudging Dia’s arm.
Godan lunged at her. She turned to mist, allowing Godan to pass through her.
“We’re not going to waste our time talking,” Elena put her hand on Dia’s shoulder. “I’ll get her somewhere safe—you finish this.”
“Oh, come on—this place isn’t epic enough!”
“DO IT!” Elena and Dia turned to mist and disappeared.
“DIA!” Godan yelled. He glared at Josie and growled.
“Hey now, I’m just as pissed as you are,” Josie said. “I don’t wanna fight in the same place where you annihilated Silvia. So lame.”
Godan lunged at her. Impressive speed, she thought. She dodged his swipes. I can already see how he was able to take out my annoying older sister.
“You have my respect,” Josie said, grabbing hold of his hands. “I do have one question for you though.”
“Sure,” Godan struggled to free himself, “ask away.”
“Have you ever considered the possibility that Dia’s behind all this?”
“Oh, come on!” Godan freed himself and backed away. “Your sister already tried laying that bullshit on me!”
Josie snorted. “She has more control over you than even she realizes.”
“What you say?!”
Josie shook her head. “Never mind, let’s continue.”
Godan lunged at her again. Josie continued dodging his blows. She stopped, and snapped her fingers. I know where we can go, she thought, smiling.
She ducked under one of Godan’s punches, got behind him, and put him in a headlock. “Our fun isn’t going to end here,” she said.
She turned them into mist, and they floated over to the house. They went downwards through the cracks and appeared in the basement. Josie kicked Godan to the ground and turned on the light, revealing that the walls were lined with pods.
“You have a good sense of smell, right?” she asked, pressing a few buttons on a nearby control panel. “Come find me after you take these guys out.”
Godan, confused, watched her disappear into mist again. The pods opened. Godan stood up and got into a battle stance. Out of the pods came out people with the same bestial features as Jeff, Sandra, and the other freaks.
More of them, Godan thought as the monsters composed themselves and noticed his presence.
“Wait,” Godan said, “how did I not know about this basement?!”
Josie appeared on the roof of the Grand Traverse Mall. She walked up to Dia and Elena
“That was fast,” Elena said, looking her over. “Not a scratch on you.”
“I just dropped him off in the basement, told him to take out the freaks you have there,” Josie stretched her arms. “Then we’ll have our big showdown right here. Nice location, Elena”
Dia walked up to her. “YOU WERE SUPPOSED TO KILL HIM!” she yelled in her face.
Josie backhanded Dia. “FUCK OUT OF MY FACE!”
“Gonna have to agree with Dia on this one,” Elena said.
“They’re not going to be able to stop him,” Dia rubbed her face, glaring at Josie, “and I don’t think you’ll be able to either!”
“Here we go,” Josie smiled. She got into Dia’s face. “If you weren’t such a weakling, you would have TOTAL control over him! You control him enough that he still thinks you’re a victim, but you can’t stop him!”
“I thought I did!” Dia uncovered himself. “I made him sick—but he got right back up! I tried it again earlier tonight and he looked just fine.”
“Question,” Elena asked. “Does this ‘Gareth’ have a healing factor of some kind?”
Dia nodded.
“Well, that’s interesting…”
“What is it?!” Josie yelled. “Stop being all cool and spit it out!”
“Later,” Elena pointed. “He’s here.”
Godan jumped onto the roof. He had changed back into his usual clothing.
Dia grabbed onto Elena. “We need to leave.”
Josie punched her fist with her palm. “You can explain it to me later. I’m going to have my fun.”
Elena shook her head, and disappeared with Dia.
“I’m not running—I’m exactly where I want to be.” Josie began phasing through the roof. “If you want to save her, you have to defeat me first!”
Oh, fuck her, Godan thought. He ran across the roof. Josie’s hand suddenly appeared and grabbed Godan by the shin.
“And you call me a coward!” she said. She dragged Godan through the ceiling, creating a large hole. “Come on, great hero!” she yelled as she and threw him across the food court, where he smashed through tables and chairs. “Face me!”
Godan crashed into the carousel. He recovered quickly, kicking away the table that was on top of him. He scrambled to his feet, grabbed a chair, and threw it at her.
“Let’s see if this gets through your skull,” Josie said, dodging the furniture. She jumped back into the air and grunted. Wings spout out of her back. “Dia has you brainwashed! She wants you dead even more than we do!”
Godan stopped throwing furniture and, in a rage, leapt at her.
“But she doesn’t have complete control of you!” Josie dodged Godan’s claws. “Somehow, she can’t put you in your place.”
“SHUT UP!” Godan yelled, leaping at her again.
Fuck it, might as well, she thought. “She called us in to eliminate you,” Josie lied, “because you’ve become too much of a pain to deal with!”
Godan thought of all the good times he’s had with Dia. “You think so?” he asked, grinning. “Aside from stealing the last of my cash to order gourmet pizza—even though she can afford it—Dia and I have gotten along pretty well.” He cracked his knuckles. “You can stop lying anytime now.”
Josie shook her head. “You’re an idiot.”
“You know who the real idiot was?” Godan looked up at her. “Silvia—your sister, right? She thought it was a good idea to fuck with us.”
“I’m not at all like her,” Josie said, “or my other sister—I’m vastly above them.”
“I know one thing about you three: you all like to run away from me,” Godan grinned. “Is that how Ruthven operates too?”
“I’m on the same level as my master now.” Josie balled her fists. “Let me show you.”
She grunted again. The food court began to shake. A spiked tail shot out of the vampire’s lower back. She screamed as her muscles bulged. He eyes glowed red, and two small horns grew out of her forehead.
“Oh, boy,” Godan said, slowly backing away.
“My devil form will burn you to ash!” Josie yelled, raising her open hand in front of her.
A ball of fire appeared over her palm. She grinned at Godan, and shot it at him. Godan picked up a chair and threw it at the ball. The chair and fireball made contact, producing a spectacular explosion.
“My sisters and I all share the same basic abilities as our master.” Josie created two more fireballs “But I’ve gone further than them—I’ve trained myself to be on the level as him.” She aimed the fireballs at Godan. “And someday, I’ll surpass him!”
“It’s good to have ambition, I guess,” Godan said.
Josie shot the fireballs at Godan. Godan dodged them, running and hopping around the food court. He tried to get behind the vampire, but her position in the air allowed her to follow him perfectly.
“Dia wanted to turn you into her weapon!” Josie held up her arms over her head. “She never loved you!”
A single, large fireball manifested above her. Godan turned to run, but discovered that he was encircled in a ring of fire.
“DIE!” Josie yelled, throwing the giant fireball down.
Godan put his hood up and ran towards the fire wall. He crossed his arms, and jumped through just as the fireball hit the floor and exploded. The malls fire alarms and sprinklers started going off.
“About time they went off,” Josie said, panting as the water sprayed on her. She scanned the floor and saw no sign of Godan. “Now, where’s his burning corpse?”
Josie felt a gust behind her. She turned around and saw Godan, holding his burning sweatshirt.
“NO!” she yelled.
Godan whipped the sweatshirt around her head and quickly tied the sleeves together. Josie screamed as her own flames burned her face. Godan kicked her in the back, sending her to the floor.
“I don’t know if she loves me!” Godan yelled as he landed. “But I love her, and for now that’s all that matters!”
Josie ripped the sweatshirt off her head and tossed it to the side. She turned to face Godan, revealing her severely burned skin.
“Your ‘master’ should have warned you to never play with fire,” Godan laughed.
Enraged, Josie lunged towards Godan. He leapt over her just as she was about to punch him, and grabbed her tail. When he landed, he tightened his grip, stopping her mid-flight. Godan began swinging her around, smashing her into the upturned, burning furniture and trash cans.
She shot a small fireball at him. It hit Godan in the chest, causing him to let go. Josie went flying into a nearby eatery.
“I’LL FRY YOU FOR THIS!” she yelled, thrashing behind the counter.
Godan was breathing heavily. “What was that?” he yelled, putting a hand near his mouth. “You’re gonna fry me something? Well, you’re in the right place.”
The eatery exploded. Josie stepped out, flames swirling around her. The flames then slithered around and completely covered her arms.
“Oh, you want to fry me.” Godan said. “Not cool.”
Josie shot a powerful stream of fire at him. Godan easily dodged it, and dashed down the mall. She took flight, shooting a barrage of fire balls and streams at him.
“Huh?” Godan said, noticing someone in the distance. It was a security guard, standing directly in the malls intersection, on their cell phone. Even from a distance, Godan could see that she was scared. “Oh, come the fuck on!”
Without stopping, Godan scooped up the security guard and veered left. Josie did so as well, smashing into the overhead lights and fans.
“WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?!” Godan yelled.
“I’M JUST DOING MY JOB!” the security guard replied. “WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU GUYS?!”
Josie shot a fireball at a directory sign that was hanging overhead. Godan held the security guard tighter and slid underneath it as it came crashing down
“We’re not part of your job,” Godan said as he continued to run.
“The police are on their way now!”
Godan glared at the guard. “They won’t be able to do shit against her. Where’s the closest exit?”
“Over there!” the guard said, pointing towards a hallway to the right.
Godan veered sharply and entered the hallway. Josie flew down, charging up for another fire blast. Her wings smashed against the outside walls, causing her to violently whiplash.
“Damn, that was a good idea!” Godan said.
“I wasn’t thinking of it that way,” the guard nodded ahead.
“You might have a talent for improvising,” Godan saw a door up ahead. “That’s the exit?”
The guard nodded. Godan skid to a stop and let her down. The guard fumbled for the key to unlock it.
“Just get out of here!” Godan yelled, kicking the door open.
“What about you?” the guard asked.
“I got a vampire to interrogate. Take care of yourself!”
The guard stared at Godan as he sprinted down the hall. “Vampire?” she said. She screamed as what she just went through had finally registered in her mind.
Up ahead, Godan saw Josie trying to crawl away, her wings, grotesquely bent, flapping around frantically. He stomped the middle of her back
“YOU’RE THROUGH!” Godan yelled, digging his boot into her spine. “NOW TELL ME WHERE YOUR SISTER TOOK DIA!”
Josie turned her head—her eyes filled with hatred. “FUCK YOU!” she screamed, raising her palm and blasting a fireball at Godan.
Godan shielded his face with his arms. The blast scorched his skin and sent him flying down the hall. He crashed into a closed pretzel stand.
“Why do I even keep asking these shitheads for info?” Godan muttered as he stood up. He examined his arms and cringed both at the damage and the pain that the fireball caused. He looked up ahead and saw the vampire trying to stand up.
“That’s me, I guess,” he growled, “always giving motherfuckers a chance!”
Godan yelled, and charged at her. Before she could let off another fireball, Godan grabbed her by the tail and dragged her along. He growled as he increased his speed. He zigzagged around the mall, allowing Josie to smash into signs, vendors, carts, pop machines, mannequins, photo booths, and other miscellaneous items that littered the mall’s floor.
He stopped again at the food court, which by this time was completely engulfed in a raging inferno. Above the flames, Godan could see flashing lights through the part of the front windows that reached the ceiling. He looked behind him and saw Josie, bloodied and broken, withering in pain.
“WHERE IS SHE?!” Godan yelled, violently yanking her towards him by her tail. He bent down, grabbed her by the hair, and yanked her face upwards. “FUCKING TELL ME!”
Josie attempted to spit in Godan’s face. Her spit dribbled out of her lips and down her chin.
Godan sank his claws into her back. He lifted her over his head and, screaming in frustration, threw her into the burning carousel. Josie bounced off one of the horses, and screamed as she began to burn. Godan composed himself, and watched as she struggled. She was able to crawl off the carousel and drop to the floor, where she finally stopped moving.
Godan wiped the sweat from his forehead. He looked up, and saw the hole that Josie made when she dragged him through the ceiling. He jumped straight up and through the hole, landing on the roof. Without hesitation, he began running the way he saw the Elena and Dia go when they turned into mist.
“Come on, where are you,” he muttered, sniffing rapidly as he jumped off the roof and onto a nearby bike path
After a couple of seconds, he finally caught a whiff of Dia’s scent.
“All right!” he yelled, speeding down the path.
Elena squeezed the security guards neck. Nothing more came out of the puncture wounds. She took a hold of the guard’s wrist and slit it with her claws. Droplets of blood appeared. She sucked hard on the gash, only stopping to spit some flesh out of her mouth. When she was finished, she threw the guard into the bushes, and returned to a closed building on the former Traverse City State Hospital grounds that she and Dia had taken refuge in.
Sitting in an old, tattered chair, Dia anxiously tapped her feet against the floorboards and clawed at the chair’s arm. She jumped up as Elena entered the room.
“Well, do you have enough strength now to get us out of Traverse?” she asked.
Elena nodded. “More than enough—but we’re not going anywhere.”
“WHAT THE FUCK!?” Dia yelled, stomping the floor. “WHY?!?”
Elena closed her eyes. “Your boy toy killed Josie—I just happened to have seen it in my mind while I was feeding.”
Elena flattened her hand and held it up. “Maybe, but with the way he killed her—I can’t let it pass.”
“You’re out of your mind!”
The vampire closed her eyes and began humming. Bright, white orbs started appearing around the room.
“What are you doing?”
“Out of all my sisters, I’m the one that’s most proficient when it comes to psychic powers.” Elena opened her eyes. “If we combine it with your ability to tap into your lover’s spirit, we may just be able to take him down.”
Dia face palmed herself. “I told you already—IT. DOESN’T. WORK. It only makes him stronger!”
“Based on what you told me about how you think his healing factor works, then yes, physically, it doesn’t work.” Elena closed her eyes again. More orbs appeared down the hall in front of them. “But it appears that, mentally, your hold over him remains strong.”
Dia crossed her arms. “Yeah, well a lot of good that’s done.”
“One of my favourite abilities is that I can manifest the negative aspects of a person’s mind—fears, regrets, what confuses them, what angers them. To add on to what I just mentioned, while you don’t have a hold on his body, you do have a hold on his mind—and that’s the key!”
“We break his mind—kill his spirit!”
Godan stopped at the entrance of the hospital grounds. He closed his eyes and sniffed. Dia’s scent was stronger now. Not knowing when Elena would strike, he stepped into the brush and made his way through the woodsy area of the grounds.
“He’s here.” Elena said.
“Shit,” Dia muttered, “I can’t believe we’re doing this!”
“What I need you to do now is to sit here on the floor—preferably in the same way that you were initially taught to use the vampiric abilities granted to you.”
Dia growled, and sat down in the lotus position.
“Good,” Elena got down on one knee next to her. “The moment I give the call, I need you to connect to him as you usually do.”
“I know that!”
She put her hand on Dia’s shoulder. “Instead of grasping his spirit—the body of his spirit—I need you to connect with his mind, like you did when you first took control of him.”
“DON’T TOUCH ME!” Dia yelled, slapping her hand away.
Elena glared at her. “Fine, just don’t screw this up for us.”
“I screw it up? Bitch, you’re the one—”
“Quiet!” Elena stood up. “He’s about to enter the building.”
Godan nudged the guard. Dead, he thought. He pushed some of the brush away to get a better view of the building where Dia’s scent was coming from. Unlike the other buildings on the grounds, this one was neither torn down, renovated, nor currently being occupied by a cafe or specialty shop—it was intentionally kept in a decaying state, and was part of the various historical and paranormal tours that were given daily to visitors.
Pushing the brush away also allowed a nearby light to illuminate the guard. Godan saw the puncture wounds on his neck.
“Shit, I’ve been there before, pal,” he muttered, stepping out.
Godan sneaked into the doorless entrance, and immediately noticed that the room next to him was glowing. He got into a battle stance and held his breath, hoping to hear a sound. None came. He relaxed, and crept towards the room. He flattened himself against the wall, and, counting to three, peaked into the room.
Whoa, he thought as he gazed at the white orbs that filled the room. Not seeing, nor smelling, anything, he entered the room. One of the orbs floated in front of Godan’s face. He flicked it with his finger. The orb collided with another, causing it, along with the other orbs that were hit, to bounce around. One of the orbs hit Godan’s cheek.
“Huh,” Godan said, rubbing his face. The orb gave his skin a pleasant tingle. He saw that the orbs continued into a nearby hall and into other rooms. He approached the hall with the same amount of caution and, seeing it was clear, made his way down it.
Godan scanned the next room and entered it. It had a table in the middle, a couch, and two empty book shelves—all were covered in dust, which the orbs brilliantly illuminated. He put his hands on his hips, and sighed. He sniffed some more to confirm that Dia’s scent was still present.
He heard a loud click behind him. Godan spun around, claws at the ready. Next to the table were two ghosts.
“JESUS!” Godan yelled, startled. Both men were dressed in hospital gowns, bald, and had sunken faces. The other orbs began to slowly turn into various ghosts—men, women, children, all different ages, dressed in the same gowns. None of them interacted with Godan—nor even seemed to notice him.
“I don’t think I’ll ever get used to seeing ghosts,” Godan muttered, relaxing. He watched two ghost children played with building blocks. “At least you guys aren’t trying to murder me.”
Godan heard footsteps outside the hall. That must be her, he thought. He took a deep breath, balled his fists, and leapt out into the hallway, ready to fight.
In the shadows, near the stairway entrance, stood Elena.
“You’re the final assassin, right?” Godan asked, flexing his claws. “What did you do with Dia?”
Dia heard Elena’s mental command, and start working. Dia took a hold of Godan’s spirit. Hope I’m doing this right, she thought as she went up as far as she could and sunk her claws into it.
The orbs started to spin around Elena. They then attached themselves to her, emitting a loud humming and producing a light so bright that Godan had to shield his eyes. He heard Elena began to move towards him. He backed down into the hallway.
The light vanished. Godan unshielded his eyes and blinked a few times. Before him stood a moustached, long haired man. He wore a crown, battered armour, and a fur pelt around his neck. He wore a mask similar to Godan and, like the Grey Wolf of Chicago, he had claws.
“Is this supposed to be another transformation?” Godan asked. “Cause your sister tried that, and I owned her pretty hard.”
No affect, Elena thought. She took out her sword which, to Godan, looked like a large battle axe. What are you doing, Dia?
Elena charged at Godan. Godan grinned, cracked his neck, and charged towards her as well.
“This was easier when I could bite him!” Dia said, becoming frustrated. Sweat began to appear on her forehead. She braced herself, and tugged harder.
Elena swung her sword, chopping the table in half. She blocked Godan’s punch, and again swung at him.
“You’ll never hit me with me that thing!!” Godan said, dodging the blows of the warrior king he was seeing.
A warm, familiar energy coursed throughout Godan’s body. The pain that emitted from his scorched arms, which, in his quest to rescue Dia, he had forgotten to take the time to heal, disappeared completely. He clenched his fists, filled with excitement.
“YOU WON’T STOP ME FROM RESCUING HER!” Godan screamed as he dodged the incoming blow. He kicked the axe head, smashing it to pieces.
“NO!” Elena yelled, holding up her sword, which had been broken in half. She dropped the sword as Godan kneed her in the stomach.
Dia began to breathe harder. She kept doing what she thought she was told to do, praying that it would work.
Godan grabbed the vampire by the throat and slammed her against the wall. “WHERE’S DIA?!” Godan yelled, readying his claws to slash her.
The warrior king coughed. Godan shook him. Elena gagged, and spewed vomit onto him. Godan dropped her and backed away, cursing as he tried to wipe the vomit off his shirt. The warrior king came at him with his claws.
Dia coughed violently. Blood appeared on her legs, but she did not see it since she continued to keep her eyes closed.
Elena threw Godan back into the hallway, and leaned up against one of the bookcases. She vomited again. I need a second, she thought. She snapped her fingers, and the orbs around the room began to glow brighter. The two ghosts that Godan has first seen had moved in front of the doorway and began to morph.
Godan, sitting up and rubbing the back of his head, looked in front of him. His eyes widened.
Dia began to experience tightness in her chest. Her head filled with pain.
Before Godan stood a tall man wearing a tight mesh shirt, leather pants, and who wore a mask similar to his. Next to him was another man wearing torn jeans, a fedora, and whose smile always made Godan’s heart swell.
“Tucker?” Godan scrambled to his feet. “HARUKI?!”
Dia could no longer feel her arms. She began to shake.
“It’s really you!” Godan laughed. Tucker smiled and nodded. Haruki tipped his hat up, smiled, and blew Godan a kiss. Godan tried to put his hands on their shoulders—it phased through them.
“No…” Godan felt a lump form in his throat. “You can’t be here like this! You were alive the last time I saw you!”
Dia felt her hold on Godan’s spirit began to loosen. She cried out as she sunk her claws into it again.
Tucker pointed behind him. Godan looked between their heads. A different figure lunged at him. Godan jumped to the side. Haruki and Tucker dissipated as the figure went through them.
“NO!” Godan yelled.
Dia gritted her teeth. “You…” her eyes bulged, “ARE MINE!”
She made a small tear in Godan’s spirit.
The figure rose. It was not the warrior king Godan was previously facing. While it too was tall and muscular, the figure wore a toga, had fur, and a wolves head. Godan was instantly filled with rage.
“LYCAON!” Godan screamed.
Dia collapsed.
Elena threw a punch at Godan. He caught her fist and crushed it. She screamed, and backed away. Godan grabbed her other arm and smashed it with his elbow.
“LYCAON!” Godan yelled.
“WHO’S LYCAON?!?” Elena replied.
Godan ignored her question, and slashed at her frantically. The feeling of his claws tearing away at Lycaon’s fur—Elena’s flesh—further enraged him.
She collapsed onto the floor. Raising his foot above her head, Godan heard a loud sobbing noise coming from the next floor up. He stopped, instantly recognizing who was making them.
“Dia?” he said. His anger evaporated. He left Elena behind and ran up the stairs.
The orbs around him began to disappear. The sobbing became louder when he reached the next floor. He ran down the hall towards the room where Dia was.
“Dia” Godan said stopping in front of the doorway. He stared at Dia, who was crying and punching the floor. Her fist loosened, and she became still.
“DIA!” Godan shouted. He ran up to her, fell to his knees, and rolled her onto her back.
Dia stared at the ceiling. She felt Godan put his hand underneath her head and raise it up as he bent his own head down onto her chest. The orbs in the room began to disappear as well.
“Come on,” Godan sat her up, “say something! Are you all right?!”
Dia’s head tilted to the left. She stared at the wall.
“Babe,” Godan turned her head over towards him. He looked her directly in her eyes. “I need you here with me.”
Dia glared at him. Her breathing became rapid. Godan leaned in closer, speaking her name again. Dia swung her claws at his face, slashing his cheek.
Godan did not feel his skin rip as his head whipped to the side. He did feel Dia’s body stop moving up and down. He looked back at her.
Her head had gone limp.
“Dia?” Godan said, shaking her gently.
Godan’s mind instantly became filled with various images.
He stopped breathing as he remembered promising Callisto that he would stop her sister, Dia, whom she described as being just as evil as their father, Lycaon.
He remembered meeting Dia—and almost killing her—before he was forced to stop one of her monsters from slaughtering innocents at a nearby strip club.
He remembered her dragging him through a field and, when he resisted, throwing herself upon him and sinking her fangs into his neck.
Memories of their time together came to him at breakneck speed. He screamed, dropping Dia to the ground as he held his head—the conflicting images pained him so much that he thought his brain was about to explode.
He was supposed to kill her.
He was supposed to save her from her from ‘Varney’.
He hated her from the moment they met.
He loved her from the moment they met.
He thought she was condescending to him because she believed she was better than him.
He thought she kissed him so passionately because she loved him.
The final orb disappeared. Godan breathed heavily as the images subsided and the pain in his head vanished.
Godan tore off his mask and screamed. He punched the floor, creating numerous holes.
He stopped doing so, and sobbed loudly.
Godan patted the ground with the shovel. He then broke it in half and threw it into the trees. Composing himself, he looked down at the grave. Whatever memories that came to his mind now filled him with disgust. He spit on the grave, and got back on the trail towards the house as his eyes once again became filled with tears.
As he drained the car and farm equipment of their gasoline, he remembered his final encounter with Elena in the Traverse City State Hospital building. He was carrying Dia’s body down the hall. Passing by the room where they fought, he noticed Elena, in her normal form, was slouched on the couch, bleeding out. Godan stopped to look at her
“She’s dead, isn’t she?” Elena asked, trying to sit up.
Godan did not respond.
“I don’t think I need to tell you that she didn’t truly love you—my sisters already told you that. But I will say this: I pity you. She didn’t deserve someone with as good of a heart as you.”
Enraged, Godan threw Dia’s body down the hall and walked towards her.
“I also pity you,” Elena coughed, “because Lord Ruthven’s vengeance won’t be pretty.”
Godan rushed at her and slammed his arm through her chest. Elena gasped, and died without another word.
Godan covered all the floors of the house with gasoline. He raided the drawers for supplies, and busted open the Master bedroom safe and took whatever cash was within. In the closet, he searched Ruthven’s side and found a black sweatshirt. He put it on, retrieved his backpack, and left the room.
On his way out the door, he took a bottle of whiskey from the liquor cabinet.
Outside the barn, he started a fire in the burning barrel. Ignoring the searing pain that came from handling it, he threw it into the house through the door. The kitchen instantly burst into flames. He opened the outside door leading to the basement, and threw a lit box of matches down there, also setting it aflame.
Godan ran across the field as fast as he could. Before he reached the highway, the house exploded.
The sound and vibrations of the explosion did not make him flinch.
The Grand Traverse Metro Fire Department was calling in to other townships to help contain the blaze, due to its fierceness and the possibility that is would spread to neighbouring properties. Unbeknownst to the firefighters and police below, a winged figure flew above them. He watched as the house burned—his house. Trying to control his anger, he scanned the landscape until he felt the presence of someone familiar. He flew towards the forest.
The figure reverted his wings back into his body as he landed onto the trail. He walked along, fists clenched. He stopped, scanned the area again, and turned right into the trees.
The figure found Dia’s grave. Cursing, he threw his hand up. Dia’s body shot out of the ground and floated before him. He motioned for Dia’s body to come closer. He examined her, and noticed that she was breathing softly.
Dia opened her eyes slightly. She looked at the dark figure. “Varney?” she whispered.
The figure grabbed Dia by the hair and sunk his fangs into her neck.
The train started to speed up. In the empty coal bin, Gareth laid against his backpack, downing the rest of the whiskey. The track made the train bump, causing the bottle to smash against Gareth’s teeth. The rest of the whiskey dripped down onto his chin and sweatshirt.
Gareth tossed the bottle over the side. It landed in a nearby swamp and began to float. Gareth turned over onto his side and tried to go to sleep.
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