WARRIORS OF HEL by Mathias Jansson
A silver rain fell
down from the full moon
casting ghostly shadows
over the moor
where flames from an open fire
stretched their burning fingers
at the cold night sky
Sote held the book in his hand
felt the ornamented cover with his fingers
felt the strong magic surrounding the book
tried with ancient spells to break the lock
spoke magic runes of Odin
strong enough to open Ginnungagap
On the moor the mist thickened
figures approached in the dark
horrible warriors of Hel
walked once again the earth
Sote felt the cover open
when a strong hand
stretched out and grabbed the book
a short struggle
before Sote had to give up
and forceless had to see
the book disappear into the shadows
in his hand he held a page
torn out from the book.

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