THE LOCKER ROOM by Steven Havelock
The door slammed behind Sue.
This can’t be the right place.
The room was tiled with kitchen slate tiles. There was a short man at the other end of the ten-metre room. He had a hose and was cleaning dark red patches on the floor with the hose.
There’s something strange about him.
To the left side of the room was a row of lockers.
God, what is this place? That woman who gave me directions; there was something not right about her, either.
Sue turned around and tried to open the door, but there was no handle this side.
It’s firmly locked shut!
Sue walked over towards the man who was cleaning the floor with a hose.
His eyes seemed glazed, just like the woman who gave me directions. What the hell is going on here?
‘Hello? Can you help me please?’ asked Sue.
The man didn’t reply, then just as she was a few feet away from him. He reached to his back and produced a gun.
Oh God! No, not like this!
The man pulled the trigger. A red gash appeared on Sue’s forehead and she collapsed to the floor.
Sue awoke.
I feel sick to my stomach. What’s that rolling motion? What are all these things I’m tangled up in?
There was a dim light shining from somewhere up above and Sue looked up.
Then she realised that she was tangled up in and what the rolling motion was. She stopped a scream escaping her mouth at the last second.
I’m on a trolley along with about five or six other dead bodies. That maniac with the glazed eyes is taking me somewhere.
I will pretend to be dead, too. It’s probably my only chance to get out of here alive.
Soon the tunnel which the trolley was making its way through ended. The trolley came to a stop and the man left.
Thank God for that!
A little hope glimmered in Sue’s heart. A few seconds later Sue heard a sound.
What the hell was that? Sounded like the slithering of a giant snake!
From the dim lights in the ceiling Sue could make out a serpentine figure slithering towards her trolley.
I got to run!
Sue clambered out of the trolley as fast as she could. She started to run and then froze.
My mind! What’s happening to my mind? Everything is going foggy. I can’t think!
Then blackness swallowed her.
Sue awoke.
What a horrible nightmare.
She looked at the clock.
Oh my God! Is that the time.
Her husband, Frank, was at work, but her eight-year-old son was at home. She had told her husband that their son David had an ENT appointment at the local hospital.
Sue got David up and ready, then they headed towards the hospital.
That night Frank arrived back from work.
‘Where’s David?’ he asked.
‘He’s on the hospital ward. It’s your day off tomorrow, we will go and see him.’
The next day at about one o’clock, Sue and Frank headed towards the hospital to see David.
‘Are you sure it’s this way?’ asked Frank
‘Yes, positive,’ Sue replied.
Frank went into the room first. Sue was right behind him; her eyes seemed to have a glazed expression.
Frank walked up the man who was cleaning the floor with the hosepipe.
‘Something’s not right here—’ He never got to finish his sentence; the man with hose
pulled out a gun and opened fire.
Frank collapsed to the floor, and just as the man with the hose pipe and Sue had done yesterday with her son, they put Frank’s body in the trolley and took it through the underground tunnel.
A Week Later
‘Sue, are you sure I have to go to the hospital?’ asked Sue’s mum.
‘Yes, quite sure, mother,’ replied Sue, a glazed expression on her face.
Soon they were in the room with the lockers again. Just like last time, the man with the same glazed expression on his face—the same expression that Sue wore also—pulled out a gun and shot Sue’s mother.
Sue awoke.
What a nightmare!
Then her face seemed to glaze over.
My mind’s going foggy…Where is my son David? Where is my mother and my husband? Can’t think…can’t…
Sue reached for her mobile and dialled Frank’s mother’s number.
‘Yes…Frank’s in the hospital. I will come pick you up and take you to see him.’


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