LADY by Steven Havelock
Clive was suited in a thick metal exoskeleton. It had rapid fire machine guns on each arm and shoulder fired rockets.
He saw the alien rushing towards him.
He opened fire and the alien exploded into a million pieces. Clive lived for moments like these.
All of a sudden, he felt a tinge of sadness. His diminutive 5ft2 frame would never have made it into the military. Hell he wasn’t even any good in the soccer team he had used to play in…And eventually…Eventually they had let him go
Clive, we can’t use you as a defender any more, you’re just not any good. The strikers run rings round your defence…
Another tinge of sadness hit him when he thought about the pretty girls who used to stand at the side of the pitch, cheering on the players.
Why can’t I be six foot? Why can’t I be any good at physical activities? Why can’t I get a girl like Julia…Oh, Julia…
He had dreamed about Julia ever since he had laid eyes on her all those years ago.
Instead, I stay home and play games that I should have grown out of years ago…
I’ve been spurned but once Aunt June pops it I will have a small fortune, I won’t need to dream about Julia then. I will be able to get someone even prettier.
His reverie was suddenly interrupted.
“Yes, Aunt June!”
“Hurry up and bring me my tablets.”
The next night
Clive was playing on his games console. I nearly completed this mission!
“Clive! My tablets! You know I have to take them on time!”
What? Not now, you stupid old bat! Don’t you know I’ve nearly finished the fifth mission!
“Coming, Aunt June,” said a flustered Clive.
Stupid old prune! The doctor said she wouldn’t last two months and now it’s been eight!
“Out of my way, cat!”
“Clive, I hope you aren’t thinking bad thoughts. You know Lady knows when you are.”
Lady this…Lady that…As soon as you kick the bucket I will have Lady put down.
“Clive! Where’s my water! You know I can’t take my tablets without my water!”
“Sorry, Aunt June, just bringing it now,” said Clive.
Stupid old bat, just drop dead and give me my inheritance. God knows I’ve worked for it long enough!
Aunt June took her tablets. Clive went back to playing his game in the next room. All Aunt June could hear were explosions and gunfire.
“Clive, you’re wasting your life playing that thing!”
“Yes, Aunt June,” shouted Clive back. Stupid bat, just let me play!
To Clive it seemed like five seconds later but it must have been longer. I been doting on this retard for the best part of eight months. I just want her to kick the bucket so I can get her fortune. God! What I wouldn’t do with all that money, nice car, sharp clothes and then I would be able to get any woman I wanted, even Julia…
He thought of Julia again.
Last Valentine’s day, I spent a fortune on twelve red roses and chocolates and what did she do…Laugh in my face.
At first, she had found it funny, thought it was a joke but then she had noticed the expression on Clive’s face and knew it wasn’t a wind up. The words she had said then would always stick in his head.
I don’t think we are right for each other.
Those words would forever haunt him.
Not right for each other?! His face had turned red with rage. Not right for each other?! He had repeated and then stormed off.
He felt angry. Julia had lived two houses away from his and they had been good friends when they were growing up. That must account for something…But no…Not right for each other…
I wanted to kill Julia there and then but I didn’t even have the guts to do that! Instead I poisoned Sammi, her pet cat, with rat poison.
I tried being nice! I spend money and bought flowers, but once they find out I don’t have a steady job and rely on a small handout from my great aunt each month, the women-just don’t hang around!
“Now, Clive, bring me my insulin!”
“Yes, Aunt June,” said Clive.
“No, I mean now!”
“Yes. Give me a second please, Aunt June.”
Clive ran to the next room and picked up the quick pen insulin injection. He had injected Aunt June in the stomach many times.
What if? I turn the dose of the quick pen up and give her ten times the normal dose? She would likely die and nobody would question…After all I’m a devoted relative…And she is so very old...
With the idea in his mind, he picked up the insulin quick pen and went to Aunt June’s room.
“I got your pen right here, Aunt June.”
Stupid cat! Out of my way…I will be rid of you sooner rather than later now. Just got to remember where I put that rat poison, he thought.
“Clive! You aren’t thinking bad thoughts again, are you?”
“No, not at all, Aunt June.”
“Clive, you know Lady can tell when you are thinking bad thoughts!”
“I will give you your insulin now, Aunt June.”
Aunt June pulled off the bedcovers. She was in her white night dress. Clive dialled the number on the insulin pen all the way to the top. Aunt June lifted her night dress slightly so a small patch of her stomach was showing.
This is it! I mean to get my inheritance from this old bat!
Just as he was about to inject Lady jumped up and scratched his hand making him drop the insulin.
“Stupid cat!” he screamed.
“Lady thinks you are thinking bad thoughts again.”
“Aunt, I will just go and put the cat outside the room.”
Lady jumped onto the window shelf. The window was open all the way and a cold wind was blowing in.
Clive made a hasty grab for the cat, but it jumped out of the way. As he missed his foot hit something and he stumbled forward.
He screamed as he fell through the second story open window.

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