by Chris McAuley

StokerVerse team Dacre Stoker (great grand-nephew of Bram Stoker) and Chris McAuley have recently partnered with award-winning game studio Nightfall Games to create a playable sequel to the original novel.

Have you wondered about the fate of Bram Stoker’s main characters after the novel Dracula ended? Thanks to the StokerVerse you and a team of players can uncover the next chapter of the great vampire tale. Take on the role of one of the characters from Dracula and become enveloped in a new gaming world set in Victorian London. Described as a cross between Gothic Horror with tones of Hellraiser, Nightfall Games bring the diabolical evil of the original Dracula to life.

The StokerVerse team provided Nightfall with descriptions of several characters from Bram Stoker’s notes and his typescript that were removed from the original novel. One of these antagonists is the fourth “bride” who Harker would have originally encountered in Dracula’s castle. A subplot which Bram had intended featuring a police officer and a psychic detective is also referenced.

This Quickstart adventure features superb artwork by 2000AD artist Clint Langley. Clint has created stunning visuals with direction from the StokerVerse team. His work is a perfect accompaniment to the dark heart of terror that the game lures players into.

“This title from Nightfall Games features the most authentic version of the Dracula universe to date. Bram’s original depiction from the novel is rarely seen in popular media but artist Clint Langley has captured the character’s essence perfectly. This isn’t a vampire romance but a chilling adventure rooted in all the mystery and horror that Dracula fans expect.”
—StokerVerse co-creator Chris McAuley

“It is wonderful to see some of Bram’s original thoughts developed by Nightfall’s creative team and brought to life in the StokerVerse’s first RPG.”
—StokerVerse co-creator Dacre Stoker.

The Quickstart adventure is now available at Drive thru RPG.

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