THE NIGHT BAT by Sandro D Fossemò 
Translated by Luca Palantrani

A chiropter flutters round a lamppost... 
which has gone out under distant stars
of this mountain village.
Those wings rotate magically,
and seem connected to a macabre ritual.
The night canines suck the poison,
which flows in the alien blood of regular humans.

The universe embraces the beat of my heart,
in this dark where there is no love.
The lamp lightens as the day passed
and brightens the antiquity of a path,
that reaches a field isolated and dark.
There fireflies gleam with authenticity...
like the divine spark
that burns now inside me with intensity.

Fly away, bat. Fly far away!
Spread your wings in the depths of the night,
where there is no empty daylight.

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