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It Came from Inside the Inkwell! Horror Comics and Comic Horror from Vincent Davis

Into the Void 
by Paul Robert Mullen—A wolf visits at dusk... HORROR
Fraud at the Polls by
EW Farnsworth—A likeness of Cthulhu... ALIEN INVASION
Day of the Cabbage by Sara Mossman Duncan and Birke Duncan—A diabolical idea... REVENGE COMEDY
Kassi and Death on the Circle Sea 
by Ste WhitehouseMuch like any other prison SWORD AND SORCERY

Auld Dunnie 
by Robbie PorterThe summer of 1978 changed everything... HORROR

The Old Hipster 
by Michael DorityNight fell FEGHOOT

For Want of a Nail by Carlton Herzog

The Hidden Old Bridge of Edinburgh 
by Sergio Palumbo (Edited by Michele Dutcher)
A magical haze... URBAN FANTASY

The Clock Criminal by Abiral Dayal
— 'Impossible,' Frost said... SCIENCE FICTION

The Florentine Vampire: Love is the Drug that Kills You Chapter Nine by Francis-Marie de ChâtillonThere ain't no stoppin' us now...VAMPIRE FICTION

A Parasite by Christopher T DabrowskiIt's barely alive... HORROR

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