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It Came from Inside the Inkwell! Horror Comics and Comic Horror from Vincent Davis

For We Are Many Part Two by Gregory OwenI wanted God to end it… SCI FI HORROR  

The Binding Agent by Douglas J Ogurek—Please stop exploiting gowgracks… FANTASY

Robot Plague by Jeff HSo the outbreak’s real and it’s got twenty people so far… SCIENCE FICTION

‚ÄčThe Doleful Tale of the Bucket of Blood by Francis-Marie de ChatillonA freezing winter’s night in early January… HORROR

The Centurion by Rob Bliss—Your wealth is poverty and slavery; my poverty is wealth and freedom… HORROR

The Search for Astra Palace Part Forty-Five by Gregory KH BryantThe Arena... SPACE OPERA

Eric Brighteyes Chapter Five by H Rider Haggard—How Eric Won the Sword Whitefire… SWORD AND SORCERY

The Moon Pool Chapter Twenty-Four by A. MerrittThe Three Silent Ones… SCIENCE FICTION CLASSIC

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