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This week’s cover illustration is
Morgoth by SpentaMainyu. Graphic design © by Gavin Chappell, logo design © by C Priest Brumley. 

Kassi and the Dungeon by Ste Whitehouse—Deep within the pipe world…SWORD AND SORCERY

Boiled Head by Rob Bliss—The road provides... HORROR

The Ice Warriors by Stephen Hernandez— ‘If you are naughty, a Berzerker will come for you... he’ll rip out your heart and eat your liver.’ SWORD AND SORCERY

‚ÄčLibrary by Benjamin WeltonIt has been terrible for our employee turnover… HORROR

Mr Gaunt Part Two by Gregory Owen—But what about the Missus? HORROR

The Search for Astra Palace Part Nineteen by Gregory KH Bryant—This is Ed’s place... SPACE OPERA

Across the Zodiac Chapter Twenty-Five by Percy GregApostacy... PLANETARY ROMANCE

Voyage to the Moon Part One by Cyrano de BergeracArrival on the Moon... SCIENCE FICTION CLASSIC

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