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This week’s cover illustration is
800px-The Sun-God’s Lair In The Dwellings Under The Pyro-Middeon ZOOMED2 by Johnaemeth. Graphic design © by Gavin Chappell, logo design © by C Priest Brumley. 
It Came from Inside the Inkwell! Horror Comics and Comic Horror from Vincent Davis

Algard Peak by Jonathan TrueThe last shred of civilisation… HORROR

Rat Pie by Rob BlissCulinary revenge… HORROR

The Challenger: Origins by Jesse ZimmermanReturn of the three adventurers… HORROR

‚ÄčThe Eros Bar by Tomas Marcantonio—A Dream can pass for human in the dark… HORROR

The Professor by Paul Alex Grey—The greatest joy of invention is what comes from it… HORROR

The Search for Astra Palace Part Twenty-Nine by Gregory KH BryantA dangerous bitch... SPACE OPERA

The Lost World Chapter Five by Sir Arthur Conan DoyleQuestion! JUNGLE ADVENTURE

The Moon Pool Chapter Eight by A. MerrittOlaf’s Story…SCIENCE FICTION CLASSIC

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