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Editor: Gavin Chappell
This month’s cover Image is by Junnifer Baya from Pixabay
. Graphic design © by Gavin Chappell, logo design © by C Priest Brumley.

A Prequel with the Challenger Part Seven by Jesse Zimmerman

Publishing News by Mickey Mikkelson

Running Out of Teeth by Kavan P Stafford

A Heart-to-Heart Discussion by EW Farnsworth

Just Drive by Gregory Owen

Darkness Visible by Carlton Herzog
Attrition of the Minarets by Jasiah Witofsky
The Food Angel b
y Matt Cunningham

Urbex by Keith Davies

Garbage Man by Chris W McGuinness

What Waits at Weodune by Simon Bleaken

Two Ships that Pass in the Night by James Rumpel

The Hedgehog Hours by Cassandra Daucus

Voice Auction by Zary Fekete

Directions from a Small Town Apocalypse by John M McCormick

Love Without Limits by Christopher T Dabrowski
New Edge Reviews by Gavin Chappell
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