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This month’s cover image is Tannhäuser Aufzug III by Max Brückner (1836-1919) and Gotthold Brückner (1844–1892), licensed under Graphic design © by Gavin Chappell, logo design © by C Priest Brumley.


Forbidden Sciences: Part Two by Kieran Judge

Publishing News by Mickey Mikkelson

Singularity on Picklock Lane by EW Farnsworth

Jaws that Bite by Peter J Carter 

Madelyn Vandeveer by David B Harrington
Should Be Forgot...? by Harris Coverley 

A World of Sensations by Michael Dority 

Ffynnon by Keith J Davies 

Inside Out by Carlton Herzog 

Refurbished by Richard Ledue 

Kassi and the Ambush by Ste Whitehouse 

Predator and Prey by Aaron Pfau 

O Peaceable Porcupine, Pure in Spirit by Charles Wilkinson 

Luciferase by Anna Rose Greenberg 

In the Old North by Sergio Palumbo 

Black White Grey by Christopher T Dabrowski
New Edge Reviews by Gavin Chappell

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