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This week’s cover illustration is Caduta Dei Dannati (Inferno) by Dirk Bouts. Graphic design © by Gavin Chappell, logo design © by C Priest Brumley.


It Came from Inside the Inkwell! Horror Comics and Comic Horror from Vincent Davis

Sebastian and the Murder Mystery Part Two of Two by Ste Whitehouse—I guess I’m next… SWORD AND SORCERY

The Castle Ouroboros
 Part Fourteen by Rob Bliss—My sister’s ghost… GOTHIC HORROR

Alcohol by Peter Foster—Combined with a hint of madness… ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE

Thanks Kitty by Christopher T Dabrowski—The cat was sick… HORROR

Vincent Curby's Final Ticket by Michael D Davis—Everyone’s hell is unique… HORROR

Part Two by GK Murphy—Amazing aftermath…HORROR

Eric Brighteyes Chapter Thirty by H Rider Haggard—How Eric Sent Away His Men from Mosfell… SWORD AND SORCERY

The Lost Continent Chapter Fifteen by C. J. Cutcliffe Hyne—Zaemon’s Summons… SCIENCE FANTASY CLASSIC

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