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This month’s cover image is Sadak in Search of the Waters of Oblivion by John Martin. Graphic design © by Gavin Chappell, logo design © by C Priest Brumley.

Publishing News Blood Mark from Micky Mikkelson

A Naughty Little Worm by Michael FrithA stuttered prayer died on her trembling lips... HORROR
Octopus's Garden by EW FarnsworthAlleged police brutality... ALIEN INVASION

Tricky Treats by Ed Ahern
The true spirit of the holiday... HORROR

The Eternal Dream by William Presley—The world's religions united in hating us HORROR

The Votive Candle by Sandro D Fossemò
A few ghosts... POETRY

Adam's Curse by Carlton Herzog
Burning deserts rain fire COMIC HORROR

BME by Tony Daley—A strange sensation... SCIENCE FICTION

See You Again by Hana AgehaWhy haven't you found someone else? SCIENCE FICTION

An Interview With The Censor by Robbie PorterDiscordant attitudes... SCIENCE FICTION

Rabbit Season by David CairnsA transmission from the planet... SCIENCE FICTION

The Pawned Box by Jody SmithThe third box carried a mystery... SCIENCE FICTION

The Magic Auditor by Lauryn Mercredi
I could feel the dark magic

Peril of the Lamperosa Part Two by Michael DorityKate broke the psychic link... SCIENCE FICTION

Volcano by Sergio Palumbo—The warrior kings who built their own thrones... FANTASY

Rapid End by Christopher T Dabrowski—
Our hyperspace ships are spreading across the universe..SCIENCE FICTION

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