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This week’s cover illustration is  
Fantasy landscape by Kai Stachowiak.  Graphic design © by Gavin Chappell, logo design © by C Priest Brumley.

It Came from Inside the Inkwell! Horror Comics and Comic Horror from Vincent Davis

Tricked by
Alex Z Salinas—Erections used to mean something. SCIENCE FICTION
Safest Street in the Nation by
EW FarnsworthInsidious cabal of curmudgeonly scribblers​ ALIEN INVASION
I Was a Teenage Cannibal by Neal PrivettMeat is life! HORROR
A Sweet Song for Miss Tia by
Matt SpencerOne of the youngest of the last generation of the great Schlogmire land barons SWORD AND SORCERY

A Kitten; Dear Lunacy by
Josef DesadeWendigoHORROR

Marooned by
Carlton HerzogMangled by asteroidsSCIENCE FICTION

Kimmel's Ghost by
Judson BlakeIt never says why it comes... WEIRD FICTION

The Tasmanian Devil by Hollis Whitelock
The man held up the rifle... HORROR

The House of Eternal Night by John Patrick Robbins—Dude, that girl is a total freak... HORROR

The Ladies of La Mancha by Kevin L O’BrienI believe it is called 'tilting'.HEROIC FANTASY

Blackacre Rising by John C Adams
A disturbing tale of scientific experimentation and sadistic cruelty... NOVEL EXCERPT

The Florentine Vampire: Love is the Drug that Kills You Chapter Three by
Francis-Marie de ChâtillonVampires can kissVAMPIRE FICTION
The Challenger in the Under the Dark Chapter Six by Jesse Zimmerman—Farewell to the Challenger...

Massacre by
Christopher T DabrowskiTo the last blood... FLASH FICTION

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