TOO STRONG TEMPTATION by Christopher T Dabrowski
Translated by Magda Wo┼║niak
She was naked. She was tempting. She was flexing, throwing out her shapely bottom. He saw her wet labia. She turned over on her back. Exuberant boobs swung. The girl spread her legs wide.
Mark was excited like never before. Temptation was impossible. He wanted to be a priest, he was receiving lessons, he prayed every day, and now....
Only this one time, he thought, and wore out his clothes. He ran up to the girl and caught her arms. Desperate scream tearing eardrum. Smell of putridity. Wrinkling skin.
Smoke. The girl changed into a monster. The silver cross on Mark’s breast shone a blinding light.
Mark understood—The sukub woman had tempted him.
It was a close call! Forgive me, God!
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