LOUSY LIFE OF TOMASZEK by Christopher T Dabrowski
Translated by Magda Wo┼║niak
The creator attached the head of Tomaszek to his body and bedecked it with an absurd cap.
Well, a head and body when there are no legs? But the creator thought about it—he attached them.
When they were sitting him down, Tomaszek felt like a passive puppet. He resided in stillness, watching all this confusion—as always.
A building of social uselessness was built. Everything was inside but could not use it. Tomaszek became an inhabitant of an empty shell. Anyway, they would soon pull it down. They would destroy him also—the creator had no mercy.
A sadist will pull off his legs. He will tear off his head. And then will revive him, attaching it to another body.
He will give him a new name…
It is hard to be a man of Lego.
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