DRABBLES by Norbert Góra
They are always fooled by sweets
It’s going to be my first Halloween without sweets. This devastating thought accompanied me all the way home. I looked with envy at the kids who kept their bags full of candies.
“What an unjust world,” I whispered and glanced towards the dark forest. A hollow pumpkin stood beside the first of the trees. Unbelievable. Who could leave it here, packed to the brim with sweets? Unfortunately, before I reached it, I felt pain. Much to my dismay, the pumpkin’s lips moved and took the form of a devilish smile.
“They are always fooled by sweets,” it said with satisfaction.
He loved her too much
Today was supposed to be the day when he would honestly talk to his wife about what was bothering them. He had the whole conversation scenario in his head. Thinking about it, he kept telling himself that it would be okay. Unfortunately, when the wife entered the house, he lost his mind.
He grabbed his wife by the hair so hard that she hit her head against the wall. Before he could even wonder what he had done, it was too late.
A moment later he realized the irony of the situation. He loved her so much that he killed her.


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