The carriages of the El Paso Express trundled along at speed across the Mexican border and into the new territories, on its journey to its final stop which was Washington, many miles from here and many hours of sitting around on board.
In a side carriage reserved for only dignitaries and such, bounty hunter Squint Westwood, one mean motherfucker with a lazy eye, hence the title. It was a title he had went by for many years. In essence, he was a gentleman notorious throughout the Wild West for having a steady hand and being a crack shot, who was currently busy screwing a young French mademoiselle. She was on vacation in these parts, whose husband—a thin-framed, seedy-looking, elderly gentleman in the next carriage—was presently soundly asleep after far too many Russian vodkas…
Her name was Juliette and she had the features of a high stakes whore. Far too young for the man she wed, it was anyone’s guess—and they would be correct, most probably—she married for money, otherwise what else did she in a cattle magnate like Lionel Lithe, her 78 year old other half? Needless to add, her pretentions and current marital status never stopped or deterred the 28 year old dignitary from getting her kicks and enjoying her feasts of other men’s cock.
“Harder, harder…” she encouraged Squint, who pondered whether to pull out of her pussy and ram it in her ass, if she so preferred. “Fuck my cunt harder, I demand it!”
He was fucking as best he could but this dame proved hard to satisfy with an erection alone as Squint’s ass bucked back and forth, pumping her for all he was worth.
“Oh, this is no good at all, let me show you how to satisfy a woman properly,” she said, as she eased herself off his cock and got onto her knees. She loosened her brassiere and unleashed her mammoth tits, when she proceeded to grasp his member with both hands and started rubbing it in between them, masturbating him as she held the tip of his swollen dick in her mouth and begun sucking. Squint groaned, as it felt like every birthday had arrived all at once.
Moaning and licking her lips, she accepted his exposed gonads in her hands and put them in her mouth, teasing them with her tongue once inside, sucking and toying with them. Boy, this French broad sure knew how to treat a dude and procure the best of old fashioned blowjobs. If she wasn’t married to Lionel Lithe, she’d still go a very long way in life—straight to the top, for sure. Her talents simply awed and amazed. Truth was, she was already high society now, yet nobody knew if her aspirations and dreams rested there, since Juliette Lithe had the entire world at her feet, and one day she might have become a rising star in whatever field she happened to choose.
“Oh, lady,” Squint said, stroking the top of her head as she squatted below, “You give the best blowjob ever. Do you want me to eat your pussy, Miss Lithe?”
“Please, sir, call me Juliette, it’s my name and I’m proud of it.”
“You’ll go far in this life, Juliette. The way you work that tongue is like an expert.”
“All French girls know how to give the best oral.”
He chuckled, “Oh, I can quite believe it. Please, resume sucking my balls, I’m about to come my load on your face.”
Excited, Juliette said, “Tell me when, please…I want to taste it!”
“Okay, Juliette…”
Just then, there was a loud explosion and everyone on the El Paso Express rebounded off the carriage walls as the train ground to a sudden halt on the tracks.
Juliette composed herself and quickly covered herself up like nothing took place here.
“Shit,” Squint said, “I know what’s going on here.”
Bemused and bewildered, the French whore said, “What is it?”
“Bandits…” Squint said, reaching across for his Colt inside its holster, which he quickly strapped to his waist. But he grinned crookedly, because he added, “…which means extra tax-payers’ dollars for yours truly!”
Juliette said, “I never knew you were a bounty hunter.”
“Yes, and you never knew I had a nine inch cock until fifteen minutes ago.”
She blushed, “Really, American gentleman, indeed, surely there is no need to respond so abruptly when discussing intimate moments.”
He peered out the window, pulling back the lace curtain. He observed the three bandits on horseback on the hill. “I know those bandits. They’re wanted by lawmen the country over, and they’re wanted dead or alive.”
“But I thought you were heading to Washington due to legal obligations?”
“Yes, I’ve applied to be a US Marshall and that’s where I’m headed right now, since I have an interview with the most prominent law figures in the land. If I take these three idiots—dead as rats—with me, I’ll be sure to get the position.”
Quickly, before the bandits starting shooting or came on board to aggravate hard-working Americans, Squint headed into the next carriage. There was widespread panic, everyone scared. However, he noticed two young girls sat there which he’d observed earlier, who appeared entranced and silent, like nothing fazed them. They seemed oblivious to everything happening around them. They were twelve-year-old twin girls, and looking at them, they seemed hypnotic to watch, as Squint saw the one on the right had a milky eye, making him shiver. It looked bizarre and creepy. They stared straight ahead and said nothing.
The girls in the blue dresses and red bow-ties seemed unbothered.
For perhaps the first time in his life, Squint Westwood looked stirred with fearful uncertainty, as well as deeply unsettled by this vision of warped childhood innocence.
Nevertheless, he made his way to the end of the train, the front end, before getting off and approaching the three horsemen. When they saw him, they looked to each other as if for brotherly support perhaps, uncertain and nervous by just the bounty hunter, his gait and presence. Simply, he looked intimidating to them, which made for queasiness and a sense of hurriedness in sorting the problem out so they could continue to empty the Express’ secure postal vault and any safes therein. Now, seeing Westwood, this seemed unlikely and in doubt. The three potential robbers knew exactly who the gun man was and knew well of his reputation as a cold-hearted killer.
Slowly, the three men dismounted their nags and faced the intruder.
One of the crew’s leaders spoke first, a seriously ignorant fuck, who said, “How would you like to lose your good eye, Gringo? Believe me when I say you’re one bullet away from being blind—or dead, do you understand, motherfucker?”
Another man, a fat man in a Sombrero, chimed in. He laughed and said, “Anybody ever remarked in a casual way how much you resembled a Cyclops, mister? I take it you are American, no?”
“Yes, that’s right,” Squint said, unsmiling, “American to the core and proud. I’m also proud and alive, which is more than can be said for you and your gang of severed dicks, and missing gonads.”
This stunned them into silence.
Then, abruptly they burst into a regale of laughter.
Squint said, “I don’t think it’s nice you laughing. I think you should apologize, and then maybe, just maybe, I’ll kill you in a way different to the way I usually kill folk. I’ll make your deaths less agonizing…it will still be painful, though. After all, no man enjoys getting their scrotum obliterated before they fall dead in a heap on the ground…but you have to stop laughing first, and apologize.”
The leader of the three bandits let his right hand drift down towards the pistol on his right hip. In an instant, the others followed suit and did the same, which gave credence to the possibility of a shootout between the four men.
“You can come with me dead or alive,” Westwood said, readying his reflexes as well.
“Fuck you…” two of the bandits said in unison.
Then, Hell was unleashed…
Squint extracted his Peacekeeper and took aim as the bandits drew their pistols, striking the men in their crotches and blowing off their gonads before they could even raise their guns to so much as even put pressure on their triggers. In agony and bleeding profusely, they collapsed to the ground clutching their groins, moaning like animals—but, they were die-hards and all three bandits raised their pistols to take aim at the wannabe US Marshall in their midst. It was like they did not want to go down without a fight, like as Mexicans they were also very proud, just like Westwood the bounty killer was a proud American.
The leader of the gang took a bullet to the eye, puncturing the right socket and entering the brain, killing him within an instant. The two others took bullets to the body, one in the chest and one in the neck, the latter suffering massive bleeding as he died, for as his hand went to the wound, blood festooned in a wide arc as he gargled and choked, until he submitted and simply went limp.
Again, the bounty hunter emerged unscathed and at least two thousand dollars richer, since that must have been the bounty on the robbers. Two train guards emerged from the front carriage, as ever too late for the action. They looked perplexed and awkward as they gestured their dismay. One man with white hair took of his cap and pointed out, “Dynamite has cracked the tracks. Never fret, though, assistance will be here shortly…we’re members of the Union.”
Squint said, “Get them on board and put them with the cattle, they’re coming with us. Don’t put them with the pigs because I want these bastards still recognizable, without eaten faces…put them with the goats and sheep.”
“Yes, sir…anything you say, sir, and thank you,” the man said, and went about business.
Back in the carriage with Juliette Lithe, who now sat comforting her ageing husband, Squint sat down near the back of the carriage to seek minor composure and somehow discover a way to calm down since killing could sometimes prove stressful’.
Lionel leant forward and said, “Thank you, sir. You did your country a fine service. You should be proud.”
Annoyed, Squint said, “I’ll decide when I’m fucking proud, not a fucking demented old piece of shit like you!”
The old man retracted, shocked, “My goodness, sir, I do beg your pardon!”
“Beg all you want…take your underage wife and give her one up the ass, she’ll love you for it in the morning!”
Juliette appeared shocked and despairing at this remark.
Then, it all went quiet as passengers resumed normality as best as possible.
Resting his head on the back of the seat, Squint closed his eyes, yet opened them soon after to look straight ahead.
The twin girls were watching him quite intently. As a joke, Squint bared his teeth and mocked a snarl. The girls did not find it amusing, not as hilarious as Squint might have wished they might. Uncertain, he closed his eyes and rested his head again. Yet he could not rest. The situation was unreal, since there was something deeply peculiar about the twins he didn’t appreciate in the correct manner, so made his thoughts known.
“Do not fucking look at me like that,” he said, nervously, “Look away from me, look somewhere else…do you realize who you’re staring at? I’m a bounty hunter and I’ll kill you both, and then I’ll kill your mother and father…”
There was a mysterious call out of the blue.
“EVIL MAN—EVIL MAN—EVIL MAN…” it resonated over and over.
He felt his eye-sockets burn from within and his tongue curl up into a crisp, dried shell inside his mouth—a mouth that seemed to burn as if filled with acid. Something bizarre was happening and only the twins were responsible. Suddenly, his whole body ached, like arthritis in every limb, reaching all the way up from the soles of his feet and curling toes to his head. As he turned his head to avoid the vision of the two demented girls, he found it impossible to avert his gaze, because he was transfixed and completely focused on his youthful tormentors.
Blood issued from every orifice, his mouth, nose and eyes and ears, whilst his skull began to quiver and quake, until now when he felt consciousness slip away and his skull start to fracture and crumble.
He managed one last strangulated yell of agony as his skull caved and exploded, blowing blood and brain tissue everywhere. Shocked, Juliette screamed in horror as Squint and his skull and eyeballs landed in her lap, and some of his brain matter in her mouth.
Slowly, the twins turned their heads and faced each other. “We’ll be in Washington soon, Mary.”
“Yes, Annie,” said the other, “Our work is done.”
This pair replaced the older version. These girls were the latest breed of bounty hunter. Every killer in the land whether paid or not would be hunted down like wild animals and hurt.
This was just the beginning.


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