THE FAMILY ANIMALIA by Harris Coverley

They all look alike from up here
The hordes of men
The kingdoms of ants
The waves of deer
The swarms of wolves
Men without guts
Men without gods
Women with guts
Women who don’t need men
Or need gods
Slugs who live without concepts
Mayflies that live a whole eternity
In hours
I can’t remember why I did it
It all came about so suddenly
In a flash and a bang
Six days
Seven if you count the break
I can’t tell them all apart anymore
I’ve lost my copy of the Book
And now I feel so cold
And so lonely
And bored
These creatures cannot be saved
By me at least


Some theologians say
That if you should find
A watch on a beach
You should always
Consider the fact
That it must have had
A maker of some
Kind or type
When the theologians
Ask me to think
Of that watch on
That sorry beach
I imagine not a god
Putting down that watch
But a man, a very
Average man, picking
Up that watch
Then throwing it
Back onto the sand
Stomping his foot
Upon the piece
Grinding it down
Crumbling the glass
The cogs twisting
Out through the
Back of the casing
And all the while
There is a look
Upon the man’s
Face of utter
And they still
Ask where
Comes from?
Harris Coverley has short fiction published or forthcoming in Horror Magazine, Theme of Absence, and Eldritch Journal. He is also a Rhysling-nominated poet, with verse in Star*Line, Spectral Realms, Scifaikuest, View From Atlantis, and many others. He lives in Manchester, England.

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