MASSACRE by Christopher T Dabrowski
Translated by Magda Wo┼║niak

Country Road goes a gammer. Bald Man assaults her. He grasps her neck and strangles her. The woman drops dead. The metal fan assaults him, he has a knife, slits his throat. Behind the metal fan appears moustachioed smarty. He has a suitcase. He opens it and draws a hammer. He hits the metal fan in the head. The metal fan drops dead. The man dumps the hammer and draws from his pocket a mirror. Viewing himself in the mirror with satisfaction he sleeks a mustachio. A man with a gun appears. Shoots. Then he puts a gun barrel against his temple. Gunshot. Brain splash. He drops dead... A newsreader covered in blood appears. He mops blood from his face. He smiles to us.

Here, the annual tournament of serial killers “To the last blood” has finished.

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