FAFIK by Christopher T Dabrowski
Translated by Magda Wo┼║niak

I live in a village. I found a puppy. I took him, loved him, and named him Fafik.

When Fafik grew up, the cats from neighbourhood began to vanish. When all cats disappeared, the dogs began to vanish. After a week there was not even one Azor in the village. Only Fafik stayed. Fafik, who grew very fast…

People began to whisper, which meant that things were wrong.

Sheep and cows also vanished—bitten to death, as if by wolves. However, there hadn’t been wolves for years.

And yesterday the neighbour’s son…

The night came. Master fell asleep. Fafik didn’t—he preferred to watch his master.

Every night, Master got up and, growling, left the cottage. He was strange in the night. Fafik was afraid of him.

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