A PARASITE by Christopher T Dabrowski 
—Watch out, one’s behind you!’

—Got it! —Gruntz answered.

He scrutinized the rubble, but saw no one. 

Who would have thought it? These creatures were cleverer than the law admits.

He turned the thermovision camera on.

It’s barely alive. I just have to finish it off, he thought, seeing a crawling parasite.

He moved carefully towards it. You never know. During three years of cleaning this planet, it turned out that these creatures are cleverer than they seemed.

They were familiar with the art of tricks.

Their eyes met and he saw fear in the parasite's eyes. He crushed its head. The brain burst out of its skull.

—It is so fragile. —Disgusted, Gruntz moved his antennas. —And still it poisoned the environment of the entire planet. It murdered so many species of plants and animals! 

It was high time to eliminate the parasite—a human. 


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