SPLITS by Christopher T Dabrowski 
translated by: Magda Wo┼║niak

He obeyed the order. He did not obey the order. Time split. In the first reality, atomic bombs were dropped on the United States. The majority died at once. The rest died because of radiation sickness. In the second reality everything went as usual. People were born, loved and died. While in the first reality bombs were falling over the ocean time again split. The President of the USA ordered a counter-attack.

The President of the USA wanted to have a clear conscience in extremis. In the first subreality Armageddon hit also Russia. In the second subreality it did not. Later, Russians took to the streets and overthrew the tyrant. But to this day people pay homage to the President of the United States. They are born, love and die in peace. 

Everyone has a choice. 


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