Part Three
Fold stumbled backwards, screaming. Godan rubbed his fist as he watched Fold wither on the ground. His rage grew.
One of the Assistants got to his feet and stumbled towards the truck.
“WHY DID YOU DO THIS?!” Godan yelled. Fold got up and ran. He tripped and fell onto the minigun. The heat from the barrel burned the side of his face. He screamed, and pulled himself away.
A cop stood up and aimed his gun at them. “BOTH OF YOU, DOWN ON THE GROUND!” Godan glared at him and kept walking towards Fold.
“Jayme, get the fuck down!” another officer said, pulling Jayme to his knees. “Let them take each other out!”
“You’re gonna tell me why you did this,” Godan said, looking Fold directly in the eyes.
Fold glared back at him. “Fuck you, Grey Faggot!”
Godan grabbed Fold by the head, and slammed his face against the minimum.
The Assistant climbed into the driver’s seat. It started up the truck, and flipped a switch.
Godan pressed Folds head harder against the hot barrel. Fold frantically swatted his arms around. A loud whirling sound came from behind him, followed by a gust of wind. Godan turned his head and saw the truck, which now had a helicopter propeller sticking out of top of the trailer, lift itself off the ground.
“NO!” Godan yelled, letting go of Fold. He ran towards the truck and jumped, sinking his claws into the side of the trailer. The truck cleared the buildings and flew away.
Erie shot out of the alley. Two cops gave chase and tackled him.
“Where’s the truck going?” one of the officers yelled. The officer that tackled him pressed his knee into Erie’s back.
“GODDAMN, STOP!” Erie yelled. The officer pushed harder. “FUCK! THEY’RE GOING TO THE BACK OF THE YARDS!”
The cops looked at each other. “Rudkus Headquarters,” the officer said.
Upton cut off his psychic link with Fold. He got up and stretched.
“Well, are my new subjects on their way?” Mysta asked, tapping her foot.
Upton rolled his eyes. “Yes, your fucking corpses are on their way.” He muttered, ‘Christ.’
“And the Grey Wolf? Did your men get him?”
Upton smiled, and shook his head. “Nope, he hitched a ride on the truck. He’ll be here in a sec.”
Mysta sighed loudly. “Okay, what’re you going to do now?”
“Prepare for his arrival.” Upton looked at Sturgill. “Gather up everyone in the neighbourhood—shoot him up when he arrives.”
Sturgill nodded and left the room. Upton noticed Mysta stuffing files into a briefcase. “You don’t want to stick around for his?”
“Hell no!” Mysta opened up another drawer and grabbed a handful of flash drives. “I’m not going to risk neither my life nor my work in case he wastes you guys.”
Upton snickered. “So much for not having faith in your ‘creations’.”
Mysta opened another briefcase and started putting files into it. “Maybe if your boys weren’t scared of getting at least one enhancement they might be able to defend themselves. You’re dealing with a high-class superhuman!”
Upton snorted, and walked up to the monitors.
“I’ll just say this once,” Mysta closed the case, “you should leave with me. You’re—”
Mysta glared. “Your body isn’t close to being ready to fight someone like the Grey Wolf.”
Upton put his fist through one of the screens. He pulled his arm back and examined it. “I’m good.” he said, showing Mysta his undamaged skin.
Mysta shook her head. “Fucking dumbass.”
“What you say, bitch?!”
Mysta closed the briefcase. “Fine, but whatever you do, DON’T transform. You do that, you’re absolutely fucked.”
“I won’t need to do that shit,” Upton said. Mysta shook her head again and walked out of the room.
Don’t look down, Godan repeatedly thought as he freed his other claw. He looked to the side and saw the top of the buildings that were passing by. His heart skipped. Shouldn’t have looked that way either, he thought. He took a deep breath, and leapt onto the step.
“LAND THIS THING NOW, ASSHOLE!” he yelled. Godan then realized that the window was closed. He cursed, and punched through it.
The Assistant turned the wheel sharply. Godan held onto the window frame and drivers side mirror. The Assistant suddenly turned the truck upwards. Godan heard bumping. He looked to the side and saw bodies falling out of the truck. His eyes widened.
“GO DOWN! GO DOWN!” he yelled. The Assistant ignored him. Godan put his hand through, grabbed the wheel, and pushed it down.
“DO NOT INTERFERE,” the Assistant said, aiming his pistol at Godan’s face.
“Shit,” Godan muttered. The Assistant began firing. Godan crouched down, hanging onto the mirror. He waited until the Assistant stopped firing, then he shot up and grabbed the gun.
“LAND,” Godan threw the gun away, “NOW!”
“WE ARE NOT AT THE BASE YET.” the Assistant replied.
Godan punched the Assistant in the face. He tried to scooch away. Godan grabbed the hazmat mask and yanked it off. Godan recoiled as he looked upon the Assistants rotting, semi-fleshless face. His stomach rumbled when the stench hit him.
Sturgill spotted the truck above them. He adjusted his eyes to zoom in on it. He saw Godan toss away the mask and begin punching through the window.
He looked towards a nearby building. “Shoot him down!” he yelled.
A sniper took aim, and fired three times. Godan felt the bullets enter his back. He screamed, and his grip loosened. His claws scraped the door as he fell off.
“Please don’t turn to dust,” Godan said, thinking of his leg bones as he adjusted himself to land.
“Enforcers, you’re around me,” Sturgill said as he watched Godan fall. The three Enforcers surrounded him. “Everyone else, make sure you’re loaded!”
“You’ve fell off buildings before!” Godan said. He saw the ground coming up. “Okay, this is really gonna sting.”
Godan smashed into the street, sending dust and dirt everywhere. The Rudkuses began to move in. Sturgill told them to hold their fire until he said so. A gust of wind cleared the dust away, revealing Godan, down on both knees, hands clasped.
Sturgill stepped onto a crate. He watched Godan remain still for a few seconds.
“No,” Godan stood up, his legs shaking, “but I can you would see why would think that.”
Sturgill jabbed his finger towards Godan. “FIRE!”
The truck landed. Mysta ran to the passenger’s side and begin loading her supplies into the backseat. Upton stood in the doorway, arms crossed.
“I still can’t believe you’re backing out,” he said as Mysta passed by him.
She glanced at the monitors showing security cam footage of Godan tearing through the Rudkuses. She groaned, picked up the last of her research, and ran again to the truck. “Last chance, Up, come with us.”
Upton glared at her, turned around and shut the door. Mysta cursed, got into the truck, and slammed the door.
“Bring me to my Chinatown lab,” she said, fastening her seat belt. She noticed that the glove compartment was open. The compartment light revealed a case containing Alkaline Radicals. Her anger diminished.
“Put us back in normal mode,” Mysta said, taking out the case, “and head over to the battlefield.”
The Assistant nodded, did so, and drove away.
The Rudkus fell to his knees. Godan brought his elbow down onto his head, knocking him out. Godan looked past the fallen gangbangers directly at Sturgill and his enforcers. A shot rang out, and a bullet entered Godan’s butt cheek. Godan yelped, turned around, and glared at the Rudkus who had sniped him.
“FUCK!” the Rudkus said, dropping his rifle and running to the other side of the roof towards the ladder. Godan roared, and jumped onto the building. Sturgill ordered his Enforcers to inject themselves with Alkaline Radicals. He called for backup as he saw the rooftop Rudkus be thrown through the air.
“MOTHERFUCKER!” Godan yelled, rubbing his cheek. He heard a thud behind him, and the roof shook. He turned around and saw one of Sturgill’s Enforcers, powered up by the Alkaline Radicals, running at him. Godan guarded himself as the Enforcer punched him, sending him flying into a chimney. He went through, and another Enforcer appeared, took a hold of him, and threw him off the roof. Godan opened his eyes and saw the third Enforcer, mid-air and grinning. He punched Godan into the side of the building.
Mysta and the Assistant pulled up. She watched as Godan hastily stood up as the enforcers surrounded him.
“God, I wish I could have had him under my control instead,” she said as she watched Godan slash at the Enforcers. She smiled, and handed the Assistant a syringe. “Get out there, wait until you get a chance,” she paused, and cooed as she watched Godan kick an Enforcer in the groin, “then inject him with this. You got that?”
The Assistant nodded, got out, and ran behind a nearby lamp post. Mysta moved over to the driver’s side and re-engaged the flight mode.
Godan threw a punch at the Enforcer, who dodged it. He grabbed Godan’s arm and smashed him repeatedly into the pavement. The Enforcer heard the other two yell for him. He nodded, swung Godan around, and let go. The two Enforcers punched Godan at the same time, sending him down the street, where he skid to a stop.
“GO!” Mysta yelled. The Assistant ran out into the open.
“Hey, who the fuck is that?!” Sturgill yelled.
The Assistant bent down and injected the Alkaline Radicals into Godan’s neck. Godan immediately woke up. A warm feeling went through his body.
“That’s one ugly motherfucker,” one of Enforcers said.
The other Enforcer turned around. “I think that’s one of those zombie things Upton told us about!” he yelled at Sturgill.
Sturgill looked around and saw the truck, partially illuminated by the street light. Mysta waved at him.
“That fucking bitch!” Sturgill said.
Godan stood up, feeling himself become filled with energy. He took a deep breath. His heart suddenly began to beat uncontrollably. The energy he felt became replaced with pain. He bent down, clenched his fists, and screamed as he felt his muscles bulge.
“GO! GO NOW!” Sturgill yelled. “TAKE HIM DOWN!”
Two of the Enforcers ran towards Godan. “What’s going on?” the Enforcer that stayed put asked.
“HE WAS INJECTED WITH RADICALS!” Sturgill pointed at Godan. “GO, DUMBASS!”
Godan looked up, and saw the Assistant backing away. Haruki flashed through his mind. He growled, and leapt at him. The Assistant put his hands up. Godan grabbed them, kicked the Assistant in the chest, and pulled back, ripping his arms off. He stumbled back, fluid spraying everywhere, and fell to the ground. Godan threw the arms away, ran up, and stomped the Assistants head to mush.
Mysta whistled, and began taking off. Godan turned around and saw the truck.
“NO!” he yelled, leaping into the air, claws extended.
One of the Enforcers shot his tentacle at Godan, wrapping it around his legs. He slammed Godan into the pavement, retracted him back, and put him into a bear hug.
“TAKE HIM OUT!” he yelled. The other Enforcer nodded, and each wound up his fist.
Godan growled. He kicked the Enforcer’s knee cap, shattering it. The Enforcer screamed, releasing him. Godan raised his claws, turned around, and swiped the Enforcers face. Flesh, blood, and skull fragments flew as the enforcer collapsed.
“WE GOTTA GO!” the Enforcer who stayed behind yelled, grabbing onto Sturgill’s arm and began dragging him away.
Sturgill pulled himself away. “NO, WE’RE ENDING THIS NOW!”
They heard another scream. They turned around and saw that Godan had put the Enforcer in a head lock.
“We’ll get him later when the Radicals burn out of his system!” the enforcer said.
“Are you fucking joking?!” Sturgill yelled “Use that goddamn tentacle of yours!” He took out his phone. “I gotta call reinforcements!”
Godan hammer fisted the top of the enforcer’s skull, smashing it open. He released him and looked at his blood-soaked fist. His vision distorted. He cringed as pain shot through his body.
The final Enforcer shot his tentacle at Godan. He wrapped it around Godan’s face and, feeling relieved, started squeezing. “Let’s see how you like your head being crushed!” he said, putting on more pressure.
Godan grabbed the tentacle and crushed the metal, disconnecting it from the Enforcer.
“Fuck, fuck—” the Enforcer mumbled, trying to regain control.
Godan grabbed the tentacle with both hands and yanked it. The Enforcer flew towards him. Godan let go of the tentacle, ran at the enforcer, and grabbed him by the throat.
“Please, stop!” the enforcer yelled. “I have a—”
Godan crushed the Enforcer’s throat. He looked over and saw Sturgill running away. He dropped the Enforcer and ran after him.
“Mysta,” Upton growled, minimizing the feed and opening the commands folder. “I’ll beat you to death in front of everyone after this!” He found the command he was looking for and looked up at the feed. He switched between cameras. “Just have to get him close enough to one of the houses.” He stopped swapping when he saw Sturgill enter his house and lock the door.
Godan appeared, sniffed the air, look towards the house that Sturgill just entered, and rammed himself into the door.
“Perfect,” Upton said, hitting the destruct command.
Sturgill unloading his pistol into Godan, who was laid out on top of the door. The gun began to click. Godan slapped his hands on the floor, and pushed himself up. He glared at Sturgill and growled. Sturgill dropped the gun and ran down the hall. He got to the side door and unlocked it.
The house, along with the other homes on the block, exploded.
The Rudkuses slowly made their way down the street. Some were calm, facing ahead, guns at the ready. Other were aghast, looking at the destruction around them and talking amongst each other.
They spotted a large group of Chicago Police officers heading their way. The ones up front shouted “PIGS!” The cops heard them, and spread out. The Rudkuses did the same, and began firing.
Down in the basement of one of the destroyed houses, an android freed itself from the rubble. It stood up, refreshed its program, and scanned the lab. Suddenly, a new protocol was initiated. It pulled a lever next to a door. It did not work. The android bent down, forced its hands underneath the door, and pushed it up.
It entered a room filled with pods. It attempted to input a command into the computer that would have opened all the pods at once. It did not work. The android smashed the computer, then went around and tore the door off each pod. Bodies fell out—some squirmed, other remained still. When the final subject was released, the android walked back across the lab, kicking each one until they awoke.
Some immediately became alert, demanding to know where they were. Others were groggy and had to be helped up. The android clapped its hands until it everyone’s attention. It motioned to them to follow, and the subjects did so.
Some of them asked where they were going. Others asked why the lab was in the condition it was in, or what the loud sounds above them were. The android ignored them. It let them to the entrance to the basement. It cleared away the debris and tried to open it. The door refused to budge.
The sound of a huge explosion sent the subjects into a panic. The android began smashing into the door. Another explosion sent the subjects into a more violent panic. One of them yelled for everyone to get out his way. The group parted, and the android moved to the side. The subject raised his hand. He created an energy ball in front of his palm. The energy spread until it covered his entire arm. The subject yelled, sending a blast through the door.
The Rudkuses and the cops stopped fighting as the energy blast ripped through the ground. The Rudkuses then began firing at the cops again. The subjects began pouring out of the basement lab—some flying, some running straight through the firefight, other making giant leaps over it all.
The android waited until all the subjects were gone. It calmly walked up the stairs and stood in the doorway, watching the subjects disappear. It observed the ongoing battle, smiled, initiated its jetpack, and flew away.
A bloody claw burst through the rubble of the house. It shook violently, and then collapsed onto the wood and shingles.
Upton scanned through the feeds. All were down. “Better got take a closer look, he said. He went into the closet and retrieved a jet pack. He exited the lab, locked it, and flew off.
He initiated his night vision as he came upon the firefight. He saw more cop cars, including SWAT vehicles, enter the scene. He looked over at the remaining Rudkuses hiding behind the rubble as the cops closed in on them.
He shook his head. “All the power in the world, and they still can’t smoke some pigs. So much for—”
Out of the corner of his eye, Upton saw the smoking crater where the subjects escaped. He saw somebody crawling away. He zoomed in, and grinned.
“Thank you, Lord,” He said. He unleashed his tentacle, and flew down.
Godan, his clothes torn to shreds, covered in blood, slowly crawled away from the house. He felt something grab him by the legs. He tensed up, and closed his eyes.
“I AM SO FUCKING HAPPY RIGHT NOW!” Upton yelled, flying into the sky.
Godan opened his eyes. He relaxed as he saw the neighbourhood get farther away. They started to descend. Upton threw Godan towards the ground.
Godan landed on a pitcher’s mound in Davis Square Park. Upton landed. “I told my men to bring you in alive.” He took off his jetpack and gently placed it on the grass. “Though I was pretty sure Sturgill was gonna waste you there—and I don’t blame him for wanting to.”
Godan stood up. Upton walked up and looked directly into his eyes. “Aren’t Alkaline Radicals great? Super strength, super speed,” he grinned “super rage—it’s probably why you were able to crawl away from that blast.” Upton took out a metal case and opened it, revealing syringes. “Want another shot? Put us on a more even level?”
Godan stared at him, breathing heavily. Upton waved the case in front of his face.
“All right, then.” Upton took out a syringe, uncapped it, and injected the Radicals. He tossed away the syringe, and took a deep breath. His muscles bulged slightly. He smiled, relaxed, and put away the case. “Last year, you pretty much wrecked me in that alley back in Lakeview.”
Upton saw Godan grin. “Glad I brought back some good memories. We dug up as much info on you as we can. I thought you were part of one of our rivals, who had somehow gained abilities of their own. We couldn’t find nothing.”
“I’m one big question mark,” Godan said.
Upton held up a finger. “You gave us all the info we needed, you know, when you started robbing my men. I was sure it was you, even with the shitty descriptions I was given. But you fucked up earlier tonight by showing your face, Grey Wolf.”
Godan’s anger rose. He clenched his fists and glared.
“What’s up with you?” Upton asked.
“It’s Godan, not Grey Wolf.”
Upton burst out laughing. “What the fuck is a ‘Godan’? Look at you,” he pointed at Godan’s claws, “Grey Wolf is more accurate.” He then pointed at Godan’s hair. “Is that dyed?”
Godan began to growl.
“Oh, is this some kind of fresh start for you, or something? Being the Grey Wolf is what got all those people killed earlier.”
Godan took a swipe at him. Upton backed away. Godan took another swipe, tearing Upton’s shirt.
“Okay, maybe I should take this off.” Upton ripped off his shirt. He grunted, and three more tentacles came out of his back.
Godan charged at him. Upton lashed a tentacle at him. Godan slid underneath it, and kicked Upton in the stomach, sending him flying.
I felt that, Upton thought, rolling on the grass before he composed himself. I haven’t felt a hit since the surgeries.
Godan went after him. Upton shot his tentacles at him. Godan avoided them all and threw a punch at Upton. Upton blocked it, and swung back. They traded blows. Godan took another swipe at him. His claws dug into Upton’s chest. He felt himself scrape against something metallic.
Upton pushed Godan away. He looked at the gashes on his chest. His rage grew. “YOU GRAY BASTARD!” He wrapped his tentacles around Godan’s arms and legs. “YOU’RE NOT GONNA TEAR ME UP LIKE YOU DID NELSON!”
Upton slammed Godan into a dugout, causing it to collapse. He lifted Godan into the air and smashed him into the rubble. He continued doing so until he felt himself loose the connection with two of his tentacles. He looked closely, and saw that Godan has crushed the two tentacles that had ensnared his arms.
Upton yelled, and tried to smash Godan into the rubble again. Godan slashed at the tentacles around his feet, freeing himself. He landed, and shot towards Upton. Up ahead, he saw a light pole and got an idea.
Upton kicked at him. Godan jumped over Upton, grabbed his tentacles, and dragged him over to the light pole. Upton skidded against the ground. Godan slammed him against the pole, and, using his own tentacles, tied Upton against it.
“Oh, fuck you!” Upton yelled as he struggled. Godan walked away, took a deep breath, and wiped his forehead with his shirt. “Stop fighting me like a bitch, you cocksucker!”
Godan growled. Upton continued to rant. He walked up to Upton and glared at him.
Upton became still. “What?”
“I hate that word, ‘cocksucker’.” Godan walked behind Upton. “My Dad used to call me that. What you just said was pretty much what he said the last time I fought him.”
“Man, I don’t give a shit about your fucking—”
Godan sliced off a piece of Upton’s tentacle and wrapped it around his neck. “This is what he used to do to me before I got my powers.”
Godan put his foot into Upton’s back and pressed hard. Upton ceased breathing. He tried to break free of his tentacles, but his arms barely moved. He then remembered his transformation, along with Mysta’s warning. He tried again to free himself. Godan pushed harder, making him smash the back of his head against the pole.
Fuck it! Upton thought. He initiated the transformation. He felt the metal plates begin to move. The energy he gathered underneath in his palms began to burn his skin.
“DIE!” Godan yelled, pulling back as hard as he could.
Nausea washed over Upton. He unleashed the energy that he had built up into the ground. The blast sent Godan flying back and freed Upton, who immediately fell to his knees. Why didn’t it open? Upton thought, looking at the bloody holes in his palms that the energy blasts came out of. Pain shot through him, and he began to scream.
Godan sat up. He watched the smoke clear, and saw Upton on the ground, shaking violently, holding himself.
Metal plates begin to emerge from Upton’s skin. The flesh tore off, and fell to the ground. Blood began to rapidly pool around Upton as more plates emerged.
“Holy shit!” Godan said, standing up.
Upton held his head and screamed even louder. He felt his flesh tear away from his face, and saw it drop onto the grass, along with his hair. Everything then went dark. His vision returned, and he saw his eyeballs roll on the ground.
“Ugh,” Godan said, getting into a battle stance. “What did he do to himself?”
The unbearable pain became a throb. Upton touched his face. He felt how smooth it was. He felt his eyes and found square slits. He pulled his hand back and saw that they were metallic.
“YO!” Godan yelled. “You okay there, buddy?”
Upton began charging his energy.
“Yep, you’re good, I guess.” Godan said, shrugging. He ran towards Upton.
Upton turned around, put his arms together, and fired. Godan’s eyes widened. He sidestepped the blast at the last second, and attacked. They traded blows. Godan’s claws scraped against Upton’s plates, causing sparks. Upton shot small, quick energy blasts at Godan, sometime hitting him, sometimes not.
Neither slowed down.
A police helicopter appeared overhead. It swooped in, shining its spotlight, and ordering them to get on the ground. Godan took another swipe. His claws went into the space between Upton’s plates. He pulled back, tearing the place off, along with some flesh. Upton backed away, immediately covering the wound with his hand.
Godan examined the plate. He got an idea.
Upton grabbed him by the throat and held him up. He put his hand up to Godan’s chest. “DIE!” he yelled, blasting him.
Godan flew into the helicopter. The pilot regained control, and the officers aimed their automatic weapons at him.
“You have bigger scumbags you could aiming your weapons at, pigs!” Godan said, standing up.
One of them told Godan to get back on the floor. Godan saw Upton appear, jetpack strapped to himself, charging up a blast.
“BEHIND YOU!” Godan yelled, pointing. The cops turned around. Godan grabbed the assault rifles out of one of the cop’s hands and jumped out of the helicopter as Upton fired.
Godan landed, positioned himself on one knee, took aim, and fired at Upton. Upton recoiled at the force of the bullets. The helicopter began to swerve as the fire within grew. Godan shot the jetpack, causing it to explode. Upton fell to the ground.
“HOW DID YOU DO THAT?!” Upton screamed, trying to stand up. He ripped off the burning jetpack and threw it off to the side.
“Having a Neo-Nazi survivalist for a dad taught me a lot of things.” Godan said as he stood up and tossed the gun to the side. “The main thing I learned from him:” he flexed his claws, “brutality works!”
Godan disappeared. He reappeared behind Upton and dug his claws into his back. He took a hold of two plates, and tore them out. Upton screamed. Godan began rapidly tearing the plates off Upton’s body. Blood splattered both of them. Upton tried to blast him. Godan avoided it, and continued ripping off the plates.
The pilot succumbed to the fire. The helicopter began to descend near the end of the field.
Godan grabbed Upton’s face place. Upton grabbed his arms, and tried to push him away. Godan kicked Upton in the chest. The force of the blow allowed him to rip it off. Upton screamed. Godan threw the face plate to the side.
Upton initiated the thrusters in his feet. His soles exploded, and he flew at Godan. He grabbed a hold of him and flew them towards at the end of the field. He landed on top of him. Godan saw the helicopter coming down on top of them, and started panicking. Upton pressed both palms to Godan’s chest and blasted him with energy.
Godan screamed. He remembered Haruki pulling his mask on his face, telling him to save them.
Godan grabbed Upton’s arms and pushed them away. He head butted Upton, rolled to the side, and sped away. The helicopter crashed and exploded, sending a wave a heat and debris against his back. He jumped over the destroyed dugout and ran off into the night.
Mysta was on the nightly news, telling the reporter that she was going to purchase the land that the Rudkuses had took over, and would proceed to build a research facility that would assist both the people who resided within the Back of the Yards, and all residents of Chicago.
Lana hugged Salt Chunk Mary harder and cried louder. Gareth heard Lana and made himself stop crying. He held up his head, allowing the water to wash over him again. He turned off the shower and got out. He dried himself off and wrapped the towel around his waist. He felt something on his foot. Tucker’s mask had fallen to the floor. He peeled it off his foot and walked out.
The news began to run the police cam footage of the superhuman subjects escaping the underground lab. Lana looked up as Gareth stood behind the couch, watching it. She got up and embraced him, burying her face into his chest.
“I swear, I’ll find Tucker and Haruki,” Gareth said, embracing Lana. Tucker’s mask stuck to the back of her shirt. He looked away from the television and at the red faced Salt Chunk Mary. “I’m gonna bring them back.”
Another year had passed.
Another summer nearly finished.
Godan sat on the ledge of the building, looking over Bridgeport. He closed his eyes, and enjoyed the breeze. His phone rang. He saw that it was Lana, and answered.
“Yo, yo,” he said.
“Hey, are you in the neighbourhood?” Lana asked.
Godan stood up. “Yep, just chilling on a rooftop.”
“I’m at Marty’s. Come over, I got something to show you.
“Okay, see ya in a sec.”
Godan hung up. He jumped over into a nearby alley, depowered, took off his mask, and walked down the street. Another breeze hit him. Bridgeport is beautiful in the summer, he thought.
He waited for the crossing light to change, and walked up to Lana.
“Hey, what’s up?” he asked. “You wanna face me in another drinking contest?”
Lana shook her head. “Hell no, I would never win.” She pushed her phone in his face. “This story just showed up on my feed. I remembered that you’re from Alpena, and with your powers and all, thought you would be interested in this.”
Gareth took hold of the phone. He read the story from the Detroit Free Press, reporting on what witnesses were claiming were attacks perpetrated by “werewolves” in Alpena County.



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