Chapter 9.

At her place there is little in the way of any formalities at all this time and she just goes right for my zipper in the hallway of her apartment. Now, I’m not at all nervous this time with her and I let her get a head of steam up. We kinda tumble into the living room and then into the bedroom. Trouble is Cressida’s trying to kiss me and release the dick at the same time and not succeeding too well. Multi-tasking doesn’t seem to be her strong point. And anyway I find the kissing thing with her very off-putting. I just don’t want her lips near mine and so I try distracting her by getting her breasts out. That’s about as far as I’m really prepared to go with this crackpot. It’s become a chaotic dance now—like two bicycles fighting—but we’ve arrived in the bedroom and I’m still in one piece. And then does she get a surprise! Like a trout swimming through clear water, a flicker of understanding and fear pass across her face and she sees me for what I am. A sudden epiphany I suppose. But it’s too late. Far, far too late. 

I’ve got Cressida on the bed now and I’ve ripped her panties into shreds with my nails in seconds, such is the frenzy of my attack. Her eyes are as wide as saucers and her lips tremble pathetically as she tries to pray to her God for help. “Well baby, KEEP ON PRAYING! Because that fucker he ain’t a-coming,” I chide her. Not this side of the Resurrection anyway LOLOL. She’s trying to claw her way up the bed inch by inch but I have her by the ankles as she had me that drunken night. Tit for tat. She slides back swiftly as I pull her easily to me again as my Vampire strength is now full-on for her. I see her red gash before my face and I decide to eat it, just to let her know who she’s been fucking with. I raise one of her legs slowly, almost tenderly like, and spread it wide. Oh, what a sight! LOLOL. Now Vampires have very long tongues, so I shoot mine hard out into her slit. It goes in and then some, slippery and wriggling for depth. Cressida grabs at the bed her fingernails breaking at the force and desperation of her grip. Some sort of blind panic has taken her over as she feels the thing enter her like some demon snake. Fuck with me, would you? Should have thought of that before! And all that crap about Julie? I remember that in my cups the time before I’d talked of Julie, and Cressida had given me the cream of her intellectual and emotional thinking. Not that I remember most of it, of course, except it was unflattering in a truly dim-witted way and I didn’t like it one jot. Should have thought about that too. I love Julie, so now I’m going to get all shit-nasty medieval on your thin, bony unattractive ass. Suck on that Cressida! I’m working my tongue further into her and I intend to spare her nothing. Cruel and unnecessary? You bet! And why not? “Oh, sweet Jesus save me. Please save…” Cressida’s voice trails off. Tremulous and full of horror. The reality of her fate is finally dawning upon her. Oh, poor thing! What I can see of her face is red and etched deep with terror. I whip my tongue out of her at the speed of light and I feel some slimy, fleshy material come out of Cressida’s insides. I swallow it. It tastes rancid and I want to puke some. But I smile none-the-less. I was made for this shit! In my head I’m singing, “Ain't no stoppin' us now. We're on the move. Ain't no stoppin' us now. We've got the groove…” Who sung that? Don’t know, don’t care! Do-do Da-do.” This Vampire’s gone crazy! But not crazy enough Cressida, baby. Oh no. Not by a long chalk. I grab her by the hair and pull her head up and back to me. Eyes wide, she lets out a slow moan and then tries to look away from my eyes, which are holding hers with sheer menace. Now, there’s not much about Cressida that I like. But her mouth? Yes. It’s a dirty mouth. And boy, do I like a dirty mouth! Although I don’t want to kiss it, I do have another idea for it. “Now Cressida, honey,” I whisper seductively and with sham reassurance, “We’re going to play a little game. It’s called ‘Suck-the-Fuck-the-Vampire’. It’s fun. And you’re gonna just love it!” I turn Cressida over and see that a trail of blood is running from her slit, so I take a wipe of it and smear it over her face. I think they call it humiliation. I take Cressida’s head and slowly, slowly introduce my shaft into her mouth. “Slowly Cressida, honey. I know you want it but just take your time. Enjoy it. LOL”. I’m grinning like a maniac now. Pretty scary eh? Then I stuff it hard and deep. I’ve got the back of her head in my right hand and I’m forcing her hard to take it. As I do I whisper her name with each thrust. Cressida. Cressida. Sounds a bit like a steam train going up the line. Cressida’s butt ugly in my opinion so I have to force myself to cum. Well, not exactly ‘force’ as such, but I have to concentrate hard on her mouth alone. You know, avoid the whole face. I watch with a strange detached curiosity as I see her go red as she starts to feel me fill her. Strange, because I would have thought she would have been an expert at taking it in the mouth. But not so apparently… She looks wild with fear as it gets too much to swallow. Strange and stranger. Tears start to run down her face and I can see she wants to say something. She wants to appeal to my better nature. How sweet! I push her off my dick and she gobs some semen out over the bed. “Ï know you liked that, Cressida, and we definitely can do it some more if you want,” I say, nodding. “But right now...” Cressida is almost catatonic at this point with shock. Better. I like that. So now she gets the fucking she was trying to tease me with the other night. I don’t think this woman even knows now what is happening to her. But she will. Oh, she will! I hold her hands ‘like lovers do…’ (I like that song too) and push myself inside her. It goes long and deep. Does it hurt? No way to know. I ride her with practiced movements, faking my pleasure. But I genuinely smile at her, I am after all a gentleman. Almost. Cressida starts to drift back into the world of the conscious again, but whatever it is she’s trying to tell me is nothing but incoherent babble. I lift her legs up around her head to dig in her deeper. You know Vampires are gifted with speed, know that? We can move like you wouldn’t believe. And so I give Cressida a demonstration of this fact. I can feel the heat of the friction. And I as sure as hell I know Cressida can. LOLOL. I pound her, hearing the bed shriek under the effort and I cum again and I see Cressida slip away anew as she feels my semen go up into her womb. Before she fades out completely her eyes close tightly and her teeth grit hard. WAKE UP! I scream at her, “The game’s only just started!” No answer, of course. Lights are on. But no fucker home! The final destruction of Cressida is a pleasure for me beyond normal comprehension. See, I’m sure this woman is somehow in with the Hunters and she upset me about Julie. So I’ve singled her out for special treatment. I want her to suffer. I need her to suffer. And so it goes. I bear down on Cressida’s face so I am inches from her. She must be able to feel the warmth of my breath upon her face. “That thing you tried to push up me? You have a go!” This object holds a grim fascination for me, actually. It’s one of the ugliest instruments I’ve seen. Dildos can be such sensual fun. I know. Julie and I have had many hours of beautiful pleasure with one. But Cressida’s toy is a travesty. Black and monstrous it seems fitting for her rose. Making soft noises I raise her ass and slide a pillow under her butt. I see now that Cressida knows exactly what will come because her face is one of resigned acceptance. She wants it finished now. She wants to die. She lifts her legs slowly and pulls the cheeks of her butt open in an invitation to me. Despite my anger I let it gently play against her opening, probing softly. “Ahhhh. Please, Guy… Be kind.” What she means by this I can’t really say. I’m not kind. I’m as far away from kindness as I can possibly be. The dildo is now about half inside her, and she must be feeling some pain. But she just looks at me blankly. She’s waiting. I find myself scrutinizing every flicker of her eyes and face as I move the dildo a little bit further up. She flinches slightly and I know I’m almost home. “Cressida?” I say softly. I hear the softest of answers although I cannot make out the words. I look at her for a long moment and something almost akin to pity comes to me. But not enough. I swing back my arm and with one powerful arc slap the huge dildo hard into her as far as it will go. I feel the wetness of her clitoris smack on the palm of my hand. There is a lot of blood also. The pain must have been excruciating but no movement comes across her face. She just stares at me blankly. Brave Cressida. I raise my hand once more and drive it hard again against her. Blood now pours from her slit and I see it trickle also from her mouth. Cressida’s eyes glaze over and become opaque like a fish on a supermarket slab. Cressida’s dead. And it is done. As it says in the Bible. I leave her hanging half off the bed, her head on the floor. “Should never have said that about Julie,” I mumble as I walk out the apartment. I go into the Florentine night and feel very good indeed.


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